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The following documents and links provide useful information for users and developers of xTuple ERP.

xTuple University

Accelerate your learning at xTuple University. Choose from hundreds of online videos and other course materials as you seek to learn more about xTuple at your own pace. Subscriptions are free while xTupleU is in beta. So come see for yourself how easy learning can be. Visit www.xtupleuniversity.com.


The xTuple community features dozens of forums on various topics, ranging from announcements to how-to's to internationalization. Forums are a great way to learn more about the software. Search for answers to common questions, ask questions yourself, or even answer other people's questions when you're ready. Get involved. Visit the forums: http://www.xtuple.org/forum.

Product Guides

This section contains the official Reference Guide for each numbered release of xTuple ERP, as well as Product Guides for other xTuple products.

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Demo Guides

Desktop Client Demo Guides

The following two guides are designed to show how the features in xTuple ERP can help your business work better. To avoid telling you about parts of the system you wouldn't use, we offer a guide for service (non-inventory) businesses, and a guide for inventory and manufacturing businesses.

Both guides are available for viewing in full online, or they can be purchased in PDF form for printing. They are an ideal way to get started with the system. Read more »

Demo Videos

We offer an extensive list of free demo videos that provide training for xTuple ERP and demonstrations of the latest advanced features of the software.


The documents in this section are guides for understanding and using the xTuple ERP application. The contents are divided into sections based on the functional areas of the software, such as accounting, manufacturing and sales. There are also miscellaneous topics, including how to import data from QuickBooks, ad hoc reporting, and more. Read more »

Admin and Setup

The Administration and Setup area contains essential information for setting up xTuple ERP, with an emphasis on installing the database and configuring Postgres for Linux, Mac, and Windows. This area also includes information about important Release Updates.

Developer Zone

This section contains information for developers. It covers a variety of topics. In addition to the links below, you can find information on our GitHub wikis for the desktop and mobile web clients.

PLEASE NOTE: The Desktop Programmer Reference has been moved to http://xtuple.github.io/desktop-programmer-ref/ Read more »

CRM Support Demo Administration

This page is for admins only.

The CRM Support Demo page, located at http://www.xtuple.org/support/demo, can be used by any authenticated user to test the functionality of the support area. The content of the demo area will be purged periodically.

The incidents submitted via the demo go into a separate demo database located here:

Server: office.openmfg.com
Database: demoincident
Port: 19656
User: demonincident
Password: d3m01nc1d3nt


This page contains links to the product guide and other reference material for OpenRPT, the free report writer included with xTuple ERP. OpenRPT is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. And it is available in both standalone and embedded versions. It is the featured report writer in all editions of xTuple ERP. OpenRPT is available for download on the PostBooks project files page on SourceForge or GitHub. [Note: Click here first if you need a Free Trial of xTuple, a preview of all CRM, ERP and Accounting features.]

You may also contact us to learn more about xTuple commercial support options.

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