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What IS ERP? (Hint: more than just Business Management Software)

When you provide solutions for small businesses, you get an interesting perspective on the overall economy.  Small businesses in the United States are a primary driver of jobs and commerce, and provide good insight as to where the economy is heading.  That's one of the best parts of this business - and of course, those growing companies are natural prospective users of xTuple software.

Every day we connect with people who understand our kind of solution and have implemented ERP before ... but we also often meet the company who has business challenges and problems, can articulate those problems, but does not yet fully understand the benefits of ERP.

Young companies often start off using technology to solve problems as they spring up, one at a time.  See if any of this sounds familiar... Read more »

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Technology Survey Time

My favorite time to do a technology market survey is when we have training class here at corporate headquarters. At xTuple, our target market is the Small and Medium sized businesses. The students that come to our classes are users of the the software and partners mastering the software to help support our customers throughout the world. We get exceptions, but generally the class is full of small business owners and employees.

The students bring their own laptops and I am always excited to see what they bring. Read more »

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The xTuple Social Network

We cannot read much on technology these days that doesn't have some kind of Social Network angle.  Every article you read has a "Digg it" or "ShareThis" button.  Maybe you get the your news via Twitter, or learn about a new product from a friend on Facebook.  Perhaps you stay connected with old work buddies via LinkedIn.  It has been great for me, using these tools, to help me filter the internet news and noise, and connecting with friends and business collegues.  To me, this is some of the best of the internet in action.  Lots of people I know and follow agree, and feel there is a great deal of value in these networks.   Read more »

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June 15 training class - with a sunset cruise!

Now that the weather's warming up, we're looking forward to a return to the American Rover tall ship - always a highlight of the xTuple training classes.

Mark your calendar for the week of June 15 - it's our most popular class, the xTuple ERP 101 survey course. You'll build your own xTuple database from scratch, and run full business cycles with the data you've created. Network and share best practices with a diverse group of other users, xTuple partners, and staff. 

There'll also be a sneak preview of version 3.3 (currently in alpha), 3.4 (due later this year), and some early thoughts on our big plans for the "xTuple 4 series" in 2010.

It's a full week in our spacious Norfolk, Virginia training facility; lunch is provided each day, and of course, enjoy the sunset cruise with cocktails and hors d'oeuvre with our compliments.

Contact us to find out more or to reserve your spot. Read more »

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ERP and this SaaS thing

Everyday day the "noise" around Software as a Service (SaaS) seems to ring in my ears.  The pundits just cannot stop talking about it, and there is certainly no shortage of companies out there with vested interests touting the great benefits of SaaS on their Blogs and Twitter accounts.  My opinion on the matter is that SaaS is a fine business model, one of many that works for some companies, in some situations.  It is not everything, it is not the absolute future.  Read more »