Calling ALL of the xTuple community - knowledge (training) is power


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The community of open source ERP professionals in which we all live is vast, and international - and I have the privilege of speaking to different corners of this diverse group every single day.  Here is just a quick sample of the xTuplers any of us may get to talk to on a weekly basis:

  1. PostBooks user, running customer service department on PostBooks CRM
  2. PostBooks user, going live with PostBooks connecting to their ecommerce site
  3. Standard Edition user, recently upgraded from PostBooks
  4. xTuple partner, in the process of developing an add-on module
  5. International PostBooks user, working on translation
  6. Manufacturing customer prospect, signing up for the Email Feature Mob
  7. PostBooks user, beginning implementation, looking for local assistance
  8. Manufacturing user, starting the process of bringing up international subsidiaries
  9. Standard Edition customer looking to connect with customers via xTuple Web Portal
  10. Global 1000 enterprise, bringing up multiple facilities across North America on xTuple Manufacturing

That's a very typical couple of days.  It's also a very typical profile of the diversity of students who attend xTuple classes here in Norfolk.  We get students coming to Norfolk from all over the world to attend both our "101" introductory classes and our "202" power user classes.
Classroom training is one of the ways that we keep this great open source project of PostBooks, going, growing and thriving (i.e. its one of the ways we make money besides commercial licenses).  For those who make the trip to Norfolk, we thank you for your support.  It's a great way to meet the team here at xTuple in person, network with other xTuple users, and learn about the different ways companies in all sorts of industries are using this software to power and grow their businesses.  You can see for yourself praise and compliments from users who have attended classes at our training center.  They'll all confirm that our training group works extremely hard to ensure that your experience and time here is well worth your investment.

At the same time we also give substantial support to the community with a number of completely free educational offerings.  First and foremost are the extensive demo videos, recorded by our Director of Product Training, Mike Atherton.  The number of videos, and the breadth of the content covered, are growing all the time.

Another tool along these same lines is the Webinar series we offer the first Wednesday of each month, hosted by yours truly.  The standard series is:

1. Intro to xTuple
2. CRM
3. Manufacturing
4. Accounting

We will occasionally break in with a new topic, such as the recent webinar on the xTuple Web Portal.  Please watch the Events page for these events.

As effective as our education outreach has been, we know we cannot reach everyone, on every topic.  We are always looking for ways to connect with more of you to provide more, helpful content.  Next month, we be conducting two new (paid) classes, trying out a new delivery methodology - live via the web.  Two areas we get a great deal of questions from in the forums and via our support groups is Advanced Accounting and Report Writing.

If you are an xTuple user, there is no way to better derive more value from your leverage all of the detailed information your Accounting and ERP solution is collecting that getting more information about the power of these two areas in the application.

xTuple Accounting.  If you are long time xTuple user, you have seen the xTuple financial applications expand significantly over the last several years.  In speaking with our user base, we find that many of our users are just starting to scratch the surface of the capabilities of the Accounting solution.  Join one of the xTuple community's top accounting professionals for a two hour webinar on November 22, 4:00 pm US Eastern time, covering features such as managing credit, budgeting, and financial reporting.  Sign up now!

xTuple Reporting with OpenRPT.  This is the tool that is used to create all the existing reports and forms throughout the application.  Did you know that you can use this tool to change the look and feel of these reports and forms, and make them more specific to YOUR business requirements?  Did you know you can create entire NEW reports, that get the information you want, and lay it out in a format you want?  Doesn't that sound empowering?  This class will be delivered in two three-hour webinars on November 22 and 23, from 9-12 am US Eastern time.  Report now!

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