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How do you pronounce "xTuple" anyway?

How do you pronounce xTuple?One of the very fortunate parts of my job as head of sales is that I get to travel all over visiting with the xTuple community and prospective xTuplers. I am just back from a whirlwind road trip, on the heels of several road tips. I was up and down the East Coast from Norfolk, VA to Toronto, ONT to Atlanta, GA. As you might imagine, I have enjoyed a healthy variety of accents. Either up in the great North or in the warm and sunny South, I look forward to great anticipation how the people I work with, and the people I meet, pronounce "xTuple." Read more »

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Saying goodbye to Dan Means, the greatest xTupler

Dan Means, xTuple Elite PartnerIt is with great sadness that I report the passing of my friend and friend of the xTuple Community, Dan Means. Dan passed away over the weekend.

This album of recent photos represents how the xTuple Community will forever remember Dan Means.

Dan jumped into the xTuple world shortly after I did, back in 2004. An experienced ERP man, Dan became a partner, apparently liked what he saw, but immediately found room for improvement. I cannot ever recall Dan approaching me with "a way to fix what's wrong." Instead, Dan offered great advice and counsel, as I, and then Danielle (Kerner) and I, worked to build the xTuple Partner Program. It was Dan that told us about the good old SBT days, and what the opportunities could be. We are grateful for all that Dan did for us, as we have worked to build the xTuple Partner Program.

Dan was an ERP guy, but who wouldn't say that he loved the tech? When I first talked to Dan in 2004, he called himself a Linux geek. He immediately loved the xTuple open source message and saw instantly the connection between what he liked in Linux and what he loved from his SBT-Foxpro days. Dan was excited to be able to keep doing what he did so well in the 80s and 90s - giving his customers EXACTLY what they wanted.

Dan often referred to himself at "an Accounting Guy." He loved to mix it up with his customers' controller or CPA. He loved to get into it with the debits and credits. In my time here at xTuple, I never met someone who so proudly wore both the banner of Linux Geek and Accounting Geek. Man, that was Dan. He ALWAYS had something to add to the accounting discussion on the xTuple Forums.

And the Forums! How many times did we all recognize and thank Dan for his contributions to the Forums? There is a reason that Dan fell into that SBT market. There is a reason that Dan was drawn into Linux and Open Source.

There is a reason he was our greatest xTupler. Dan was a sharer.

I appreciate all that Dan shared with me. I know I speak for all of xTuple when I say that xTuple appreciates what Dan shared with us over the last ten years. Everyone in our xTuple community who knew Dan could come up with a great story about how he helped make xTuple better. As an early partner, as a customer, as a partner again, as a mentor, as a leader, as a friend.

I know I only knew a small part of his life, but I celebrate the Dan Means I knew.

Here's to Dan.

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xTuple for Macs and Mobile featured at Macworld 2014

xTuple ERP for Mac - Mobile Web appIt’s almost that time of year again – Macworld/iWorld! Attending this “best place for all things Apple” conference is just one of the highlights of my year. It gives me a chance to meet face-to-face with Mac-lovers worldwide to talk about solutions we have at xTuple for their business.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or manage a bit of both worlds, I’m looking forward to letting you “test drive” the xTuple Mobile Web application. You’ll have a chance to see Read more »

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Save up to 35% - and welcome Ellen!

Ellen Diggs, xTuple Director of Professional ServicesWe are happy to welcome Ellen Diggs to the xTuple community as our new Director of Professional Services. She brings a deep background with ERP, manufacturing, and quality systems to xTuple. And, she's arrived just in time to take part in our late-summer services promotion, which we call "Your Moment of Truth." Read more on the 2013 upgrade and consulting rewards.

The headline may be about "Your Moment of Truth" — the bottom line is deep discounts — if you pre-purchase consulting help for upgrades or other professional services. The sooner you buy, the larger (and more impactful to your organization's bottom line) is the discount.

We're also offering great deals for users interested in upgrading — from PostBooks to any commercial edition, or even from one commercial offering to another. Particularly for PostBooks users who have already obtained a (free) license key from us, you can save 35% on an upgrade to ANY commercial edition of xTuple!

Read more on both promotions here. And please join us in welcoming Ellen to xTuple. She will take great care of you and your next (or current) project. Read more »

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It's an iWorld - Macworld is here and I have a FREE pass for you

xTuple Mobile BusinessFew can deny the success Apple has enjoyed over the last several years as we've watched people all around us move from dumb phone users straight to iPhone junkies. Sure, Google's Android is successful, but every day more and more people I know get to the Internet, their email and their Facebook accounts through i-Devices of one sort or another. Apple technology is everywhere. Next week at Macworld-iWorld, 25,000+ fans of all things Apple will converge on San Franscisco. xTuple will be right there in the middle of it all.

As the professional and recreational users of Apple technology come together for the annual Apple #iFan get together, xTuple will exhibit in the software section known as Appapolooza!. Apple junkies in the xTuple community unite! If you are in the area, or plan to attend the show, come see us. Read more »

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xTuple at Macworld - Come on by

MacworldThis week the annual Apple Technology love-in known as Macworld is going on in San Francisco.  In these days of diminishing Trade Shows, this show not only survives, it thrives.  This is a show for all enthusiasts, fans and users of Apple technology.  Walking through the the set up today, I observed row after row of booths that will be selling products to users of iPhones and iPads, and iPods, and of course Macs.  There are many consumer-oriented users of all of this technology, and at xTuple, we continue to see these consumers dragging their Apple passion back into the workplace.  Apple technology in business, like Apple's stock price, is on the rise.

 Read more »

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Calling ALL of the xTuple community - knowledge (training) is power

The community of open source ERP professionals in which we all live is vast, and international - and I have the privilege of speaking to different corners of this diverse group every single day.  Here is just a quick sample of the xTuplers any of us may get to talk to on a weekly basis: Read more »

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Apple technology is all over the Enterprise

If you follow technology at all, every day you hear about Apple's undeniable impact in the consumer market.  Their impressive consumer run, outside of personal computers, started with the first iPod back in 2001.  The iPhone has been a continued, evolving success since 2007, and the iPad is all set up to be "THE" gift for this years' holiday season.  Apple is clearly rocking in the consumer space, but what about the Enterprise?  What about business?

Here at xTuple I feel like we are on the front lines of Apple in business.  We talk to companies every day that are looking for real Enterprise applications on the Mac.  Every day they are frustrated that that there aren't more business solutions for them on the Mac.  They always ask the same question: why isn't anyone speaking to the Mac business user???

Last week I went to a trade show/expo that was doing just that - speaking to Business users. Read more »

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Who the heck is LOWERING prices?

As the head of sales here at xTuple, I spend a significant amount of time on the pricing page.  When I first came to xTuple six years ago, the pricing page was my favorite page on the website.  I had come from the big-iron ERP world where pricing was NEVER revealed.  In that world, pricing would go to the prospective customer only AFTER exhaustive demos and sales meetings and qualification phone calls.  Only then would the proposal be made. A proposal which closely matched the prospect's budget.

At xTuple, we wear our pricing on our sleeves.  Transparency is one of the most important parts of our company philosophy.  It comes from our open source heritage: If you are going run in the open source world, promote your product on Sourceforge, and make your source code available to the whole world, you certainly won't be able to play the kind of games that the big ERP players continue to play even today.  xTuple pricing has been out there since the very beginning.

If you are one of those who have been watching, you will have seen that the pricing hasn't changed for years.  Until recently, that is. Read more »

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Macworld 2010 Report

Macworld is the annual get together for the Apple and Mac faithful held every year in San Francisco. More than your typical technology conference, it has a long history of being THE event for Apple users (and fans), who come in from literally every corner world.  It is traditionally an Apple/Steve Jobs love show.  This year, there was a cloud hanging over the show as Apple announced last year that they would not be participating in 2010. The show has never been run by Apple, and the all-things i-Maker decided that they were no longer interested being the largest paying sponsor of the Fan-Fest.  Since the announcement, fear had gripped the Macworld regulars that if Apple bailed on the show, then the community wouldn't come out.  There was much anticipation as to how Macworld 2010 would really do. Read more »