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xTuple Response to POODLE vulnerability

Authorize.netEarly this month, a new Internet-wide security vulnerability known as POODLE surfaced. This vulnerability affects the SSLv3 protocol. Although SSLv3 is rarely used in communications between the most up-to-date applications, it presents a security concern for people whose systems are not updated to the latest versions. Read more »

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haxTuple is underway, see the leaderboard

haxTuple leaderboardJust 10 days into haxTuple now, and the competition is gaining momentum. We've posted a haxTuple leaderboard, separately tracking bug fixes and extensions to xTuple.

In the spirit of the competition, of course, the leaderboard *itself* is a haxTuple project, from the talented Linda Nichols. Keep following along to see who's going to come out on top! xTuple employees, of course, are ineligible for prizes, despite our tireless toils. xTuple partners worldwide ARE eligible, as well as anyone else in the global open source community.

Lots of exciting activity around building extensions this year, although some have not posted their projects to the leaderboard as yet. Read about a Brazilian open source developer's work here.

Reminder: Prizes include  Read more »

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haxTuple and WebRTC: extensions from our international community

Juliana LoubackSet to start next week with a haxTuple kick-off webinar, our open source developer contest is already igniting the xTuple community. Although those competitors in the bug-squashing derby have to wait until August 6 to start, Juliana Louback [GitHub], a software engineer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has begun working on her entry for the Mobile Web extension portion of the competition. She's tying together our app with JSCommunicator, an open source WebRTC tool that makes it possible to place phone calls from within the xTuple application with integration both into the users' telephony service and our CRM contact listing.

One of the great parts about open source is that we can share our varied passions and make our product great by leveraging them all. You can read about her progress here Read more »

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haxTuple: Kicking Off 30-day Hackathon for Developers Worldwide

xTuple for Google GlassNext month we're inviting developers worldwide to our company’s 30-day open source developer competition, haxTuple 2014. Prizes include a genuine Google Glass, mobile warehouse barcode scanner, geeky gear, and a chance to meet Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak!

As an open-source company, we've long known that our community is our secret weapon. haxTuple is an event that helps focus and rally this community towards the shared goal of improving our product. Plus there are prizes. The previous iterations of haxTuple were as a bug-fixing derby, with top prize going to the top bug-fixer. This year, we're adding a wildcard, to help introduce our new technology to some of our community members who might not have yet gotten their hands dirty with it. Read more »

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HTML5 at xTuple

We're happy to hear that NetSuite is finally thinking about rewriting their application in HTML5. In other words, they're working towards a mobile-ready design. This is a good step forward for them, and it's the same insight that we had three years ago when we started in on our web product.
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Introducing the xTuple Web/Mobile Tutorial

We've been hearing a lot from partners and users who want to get their hands on our web/mobile platform. This new framework makes it easy to write extensions in pure javascript onto our core code to customize the end-user experience or integrate with other services.

But you have to know where to start! That's why we've written a three-part tutorial on how to write an extension in our web/mobile framework. You can find the tutorial here:
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REST and what's next

The adoption of REST as the developer's tool of choice for communication has been getting plenty of press over the past few years. At xTuple we're on board. We've built our web/mobile cloud ERP solution with a REST server baked into the very way that our own client communicates with the server.