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Top technology plans for Distributors in 2014

In a recent webinar hosted by Modern Distribution Management magazine, distributors of all sizes were asked where they were investing technology dollars in 2014. The top three areas of spend were: Read more »

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eCommerce Profitability with Drupal & xTuple Web Portal

Online Business SurveyWe all know eCommerce will play an increasingly important role in how we operate our businesses. One critical aspect of successful online stores (example: Amazon, Home Depot, Overstock), is the tight integration with their back office applications — allowing for a valuable customer experience and increased efficiencies for the merchant.

With this in mind, xTuple recently announced an integration with Drupal, creating a rock solid eCommerce platform where data — items, inventory, sales orders, customer information, etc. — flows seamlessly between the store and any xTuple ERP Edition. We’d like to better understand your eCommerce needs — both B2B and B2C — so we can direct our efforts accordingly. To that end, we would very much appreciate you taking a brief online business research survey.

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