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New support for translation during release cycle

Thanks to recent changes made to the Translation Portal, translators can now get a head start on their Tuple ERP translations. Gone are the days of waiting for the final release of xTuple ERP to begin translation work. Now translators can begin working as soon as the Beta for a new version is available. This change should make it much easier for translators to ensure their .QM files are kept up to date with the latest content. With this new process, it is even possible that translations could be finished before the final release is published! Read more »

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The Matrix, reloaded

There's been a flurry of product developments here at xTuple in recent months. I'm thinking about the release of xTuple 3.6, Email Integration in xTuple Connect, Project Accounting, the Fixed Assets packages, updates to Time and Expense, and the new Web Portal suite of products.  I could go on....  At xTuple headquarters, we're of course running our own business on all the latest xTuple software. We're using xTuple ERP to take orders, buy goods and services, track time against projects—and more. And our support and bug ticketing systems operate via the Web Portal. We're biased, of course. We think everyone should be using the latest and greatest xTuple software. But we also know everyone can't drop everything to upgrade every time a new version comes out.

Enter the Matrix. 

We recently updated the xTuple compatibility matrix to help make it easier for people to keep track of the various packages and applications they're using with their xTuple installation. We hope you'll visit the matrix page and become more familiar with how it works. It's a great resource if you're thinking of adding a new package to add to your existing xTuple system. Also, if you're planning to upgrade to a newer xTuple version soon, you can use the compatibility matrix to help navigate the process.

Of course, the easiest thing in the world is to let us handle the upgrade process for you. Read more »

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UPDATE: Congratulations to the translation team for Spanish:Mexico. They are the first project to reach 100%. Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!

While the world has been watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we at xTuple have also been following another international competition which is unfolding on the xTuple Translation Portal. The race is on to see which country will be the first to translate the xTuple GUI interface 100% complete. Read more »

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Integrated support ticketing system

Beginning the first of next month, everyone having a support contract with xTuple will begin using our new web-based support ticketing system. This new support front-end is built using Drupal (like the rest of our website), and it will present our customers and partners with an easy-to-use web interface for reporting and managing their support needs. Best of all, the web support portal is fully integrated in the back-end with our production xTuple ERP database. Read more »

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Maintaining your custom reports

If you've been working with (or evaluating) xTuple ERP for any length of time at all, you already know about our embedded report writer OpenRPT--and the ways it can be used to customize standard reports. Changes might range from adding the company logo to modifying query logic to suit your business needs. In either case, you perform your edits and then save the file back to the database with a grade higher than "0". Any report having a grade higher than 0 is considered a custom report--and the system will use the report having the highest grade first.

You also probably know that, in some cases, custom reports may need to be updated from release-to-release. What you may not realize is that detailed information exists to help simplify the report maintenance process....

 Read more »

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Keeping track of version numbers

With the advent of xTuple's new extension architecture, it's easier than ever for software developers to write custom add-ons to the core PostBooks product. This also means system administrators may now find themselves managing multiple applications in addition to their xTuple ERP--each having a slightly different version number than the next. To help everyone keep track of which version goes with which, we've created the xTuple compatibility matrix. We hope you'll visit this page (particularly during the upgrade process). And if you're a third-party developer, we hope you'll add your own application to the growing list.

Publishing the version matrix at this stage was a timely move, as anyone upgrading to the 3.4.0 Release Candidate will need to consult the chart for important update information. Read more »

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Translation files updated to 3.3.0

Just wanted to announce we recently updated the language files in the Translation Portal. This means all translators are now working on the most current code for xTuple ERP 3.3.0. Of course, 3.3.0 adds much for international users to be interested in. I'm talking especially about our expanded support for VAT and international taxes. So far the response to the tax improvements has been very positive. And if you'd like to help translate the new features, please get in touch with us. You can watch the translation training video to learn more - or check out the translation documentation available on our site.

The xTuple translators have been doing a terrific job. Here are some of the statistics I'm tracking....

 Read more »

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Printed documentation (with investment protection)

In case you hadn't heard, the Reference Guide for xTuple ERP 3.3 is now available for sale on the xChange. This is the .PDF version of the document, and it retails for $195. We started publishing the .PDF version during the previous release cycle, in response to repeated requests from community members who said they wanted it--and would be willing to pay for it, too. As you might imagine, selling printable docs is one way open source erp software projects can generate revenue. It's also a relatively low cost way for community members to contribute financially to our project. What's more, having printed documentation is valuable, we've found, for people who are in the process of selecting an ERP system for their business. So, what's the deal I'm talking about? Read more to find out.... Read more »

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Use your sandbox

We all know what a sandbox is. It's that thing in the backyard our kids play in. The open patch of sand with the plastic shovels and buckets sitting on the surface--and who knows what else buried underneath.

In the world of PostgreSQL database applications and Open Source ERP Software we also have sandboxes. And while they may not be made of sand, they do serve a similar purpose....

The sandbox in our world is a database backup where you can experiment and make mistakes. To follow ERP Best Practices, we recommend that you use a sandbox to play with new things, basically, before you implement them in production. Read more »

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What's a knugget?

A knugget is a knowledge nugget. A small piece of useful information designed to help somebody out. We see them every day on our website. When somebody takes the time to answer a newbie's question in the forum, that's a knugget. Or when a power user posts an alternate workaround to a bug that already has a perfectly good workaround, that's a knugget. Or when a partner discovers a new method for loading opening balances--and writes about it in our Admin and Setup docs--that's another knugget. Read more »