xTuple for Service Businesses


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Wanted to announce the publication of our new guide for people who run or work in services businesses. This new book is called "xTuple for Service Businesses" and it's available to be read online for free. Or if you prefer you can also download a printable .PDF copy from our app store.

To coincide with this new release, we've also updated our guide for using xTuple in inventory-focused companies....

The inventory guide is called "xTuple for Inventory Businesses" and is designed for manufacturers and distributors who are evaluating xTuple ERP as a solution for their businesses. You can read the book online for free. And now for the first time you can also purchase a .PDF version of "xTuple for Inventory Businesses" in our app store.

Both the inventory and service guides can be used in conjunction with the free hosted demo. If you haven't signed up for a hosted demo yet, you should register today. The hosted demo is a great way to learn more about the commercial features available in xTuple ERP.

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This is great!

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How I could find and use items from my list, I imported with xTuple CSVImport from an excel file, with the interface of PostBooks.