A pitch for patches


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The paradigm shift Chris Ryan wrote about in his blog post last summer is well under way and proving to be very successful. I'm talking, of course, about the patch release strategy we adopted just about one year ago. Under this "new" paradigm, we've been able to quickly release the most urgent bug fixes to our users so you can have them as soon as possible.

As Chris explained in his blog, the goal with the patch release strategy is to identify a small number of the most critical bugs--and then issue fixes for the bugs in "dot releases" following a minor (or major) release. We just released one such patch earlier this week. The 3.7.2 patch release is the second patch in the 3.7.0 series. It follows 3.7.1, which was released in the first week of June.

It probably goes without saying, but we strongly recommend that everyone upgrade to the latest patch release in the minor version you are currently running. That means, if you're in the 3.5.0 series, you should be on 3.5.6. If you're in the 3.6.0 series, go to 3.6.2. You get the idea.... And just so you know, we intentionally keep the number of bug fixes in each patch release to an absolute minimum. We don't want more than 5-10 (max) fixes in each patch. The reason for this is we want everyone to be confident when they upgrade to a patch release. Every bug fix that is considered for patch releases must be both a) critical and b) relatively discrete--that is, limited to a specific area of functionality. We don't include wide-sweeping changes in patch releases. Our goal is to keep the software stable.

To help keep people informed about new releases, we've created an Announcements forum. If you haven't yet subscribed to this forum, you should consider doing so. You'll be notified by email as soon as a release comes out.

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Love the idea of Patches however..

Love the idea of Patches however... the biggest issue with rolling out patches is having to update everyone's xTuple client. If there was a way of easily doing that then patching would be much easier to do.

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Can you not install the

Can you not install the client on a network drive? Then you only have to change it in one place.

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That only works sometimes -

That only works sometimes - on a local area network - usually okay. On VPN / remote connection - huge bottleneck performance wise - the client is pretty big for that.

In a mixed windows environment - lots of XP mixed with Vista & Win7, and who knows what else - not so easy to manage either.

I've still got users that couldn't map or re-mount a mapped drive to save their jobs...

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Generates a lot of traffic

It is possible and it makes update task quite easy but it generates over 30 MB of trafic every time a user login, if your users login and stay that way and your network is fast then you can choose that option and it works fantastic from a support point of view. I don't know if that technique works for Mac and Linux but it works for PCs.

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It does work for Mac. I've

It does work for Mac. I've got it set up that way here.

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The cloud

I find that more and more clients are starting to deploy the database in the cloud, and its hard to run the app client remotely, unless you look at something like terminal services, or citrix to run a remote/virtual desktop. Then it starts getting a lot more complicated, not to mention licensing issues, etc.