Free ERP Calendar through August 15


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Paladin Logic's ERP Calendar for xTupleEverybody loves free, right? Well for the next 30 days, July 15 through August 15, 2014, free is exactly what ERP Calendar is!

Paladin Logic, Ltd, a Gold Elite xTuple partner located in the DFW metroplex, developed ERP Calendar as an add-on package to xTuple.

ERP Calendar is an integrated, visual calendar that allows you to see your business operations at-a-glance in a concise, clean, calendar view.

ERP Calendar combines over a dozen different events including work orders, sales orders, purchase orders, projects, and todo items into monthly, weekly, and daily views. See what needs to be completed today, this week, this month, or next month. View and access key business activities. Configure the types of activities and events you want to view and jump directly to each activity directly from the Calendar screen. See overdue events (work orders, sales orders, etc) and know what your top priorities are all from one screen. Use the advanced filter section to choose the user whose calendar and calendar items you wish to view. Alternatively, you can view all users' calendars and events.

ERP Calendar is compatible with xTuple ERP versions 3.7.4 and higher. Your download from the xTuple xChange will include a package file called ixtcal.gz, which must be installed in xTuple using the Updater application. You will also receive a printable PDF version of the ERP Calendar Product Guide. Click here to view a demo of ERP Calendar.

Once you begin using ERP Calendar, you’ll wonder how you ever worked effectively without it. ERP Calendar is a tool you – and your employees – should not have to work without. For the next 30 days you can download ERP Calendar for free. We’re that confident that you’ll love it.

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Paladin Logic's ERP Calendar for xTuple

Paladin Logic's ERP Calendar for xTuple

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Looks really good! I'll

Looks really good! I'll definitely give it a try!

Thanks Paladin Logic Ltd!

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erp Calendar

Thanks Guys.  Great package.  I'm going to start showing it at every demo.  Out of curiosity....what is the pricing on this package once the free download period is over?


Thanks again!

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Thank you! We hope you & your customers find it to be a useful tool. The regular price of the package is $49. 

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Offer extended

Thanks to the team at Paladin Logic, their FREE offer for the ERP Calendar is extended through U.S. Labor Day [ends September 2, 2014].

They also have a special half-price offer for Madrigal – the mobile port for Apple and Android tablets connecting to PostBooks Desktop client – which ends after Labor Day, too.