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Debunking myths about consultants who debunk myths

It's important to understand the advantages and drawbacks of using consulting firms to advise and assist your business.

First, the drawbacks:  Some would say that consulting companies tend to run up their hours, and milk their customers for every last penny - that they cloak their deliverables in buzz-speak and gobbledygook, and live in terror of their clients discovering that they're not really that smart.

As for advantages, well, some others might say that consultants can be of some help, sometime.


Not a very fair or rigorous analysis, was it?  You can imagine how I felt after reading Eric Kimberling's "Debunking myths about open source ERP software."

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Training class next week!

We're looking forward to another great Intro to xTuple ERP community training class next week.  It'll be held at our Norfolk, Virginia home office, and as usual, we'll have a great mix of partners and customers from a variety of industries.  If you're looking for a high-impact way to get up to speed quickly on xTuple ERP (PostBooks, Standard, or Manufacturing Edition), then this is the class for you!  Find out more about the class here.

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Recommended upgrade to 3.3.1

Just a quick note to let everyone know about a patch release for all three Editions of xTuple ERP - version 3.3.1, available now.  We aren't updating the installers, so if you're currently running 3.3.0, we highly recommend you upgrade.  This release fixes a handful of obscure, but potentially unpleasant bugs.

All users can download the updated 3.3.1 client hereRead more »

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Version 3.3 installers now available - for download and hosted demo

Greetings all,

Just a quick note that the much-discussed xTuple ERP version 3.3.0 is now available for download at SourceForge.

Once again, we've built all-in-one installers for Windows, Linux, and Mac - which can install the xTuple ERP client, as well as a local copy of PostgreSQL, up to three sample PostBooks Edition databases, the xTuple Updater tool (also used for loading and unloading Packages), and the OpenRPT report writer.

And of course, the client can connect to either your own local database (usually PostBooks), or your own private hosted demo database featuring the full Manufacturing Edition functionality (including the new DRP engine in 3.3).

We look forward to your feedback! Read more »

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Less techno-babble, more real benefit

Last week I had the pleasure of moderating a panel where representatives of three xTuple customers discussed their experience with open source software.  It was, for me, the highlight of an otherwise greatly-diminished Open Source World conference (formerly LinuxWorld).  Unusual for a show that has historically focused on things like network switches and kernel hackers, the audience (in our session at least) seemed heavily skewed toward actual business users.

This was a very good thing.  A lot of us in the open source world can get caught up in our own little private world of techno-babble, and sometimes miss the opportunity to tell our story to the larger audience of everyday businesspeople.  It's like some of the later Star Trek TV shows, where they spent way too much time explaining the (fictional) details of space-time continuums, subatomic fluctuations, and warp coils.

We tell people this all the time, but it bears repeating:  Open source is not just for geeks.  In fact, it's really not a technical phenomenon at all.  It's much more of a business process improvement - simply, a better way to make and maintain a product. The product just happens to be software. Read more »

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Announcing 3.3.0 beta3!

We're happy to announce that beta3 of xTuple ERP 3.3.0 is now available for download.  This release includes the 129 fixes contributed as a result of the xTuple Bug Derby; check out the release notes here.  In addition to all the bug fixes, you should see some dramatic performance improvements in a number of high-volume situations as well.  And if you're not up on all the cool new features introduced in earlier releases of 3.3, check out the xTuple roadmapRead more »

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Final Bug Derby Tally

Congratulations to user jstandring, whose 10 bug fixes score him a shiny new Dell Netbook! A special thanks as well, to the xTuple staff developers who rose to the occasion admirably.  Read more »

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Announcing the xChange!

xTuple xChangeWe're very pleased to announce the opening of the xTuple xChange - the online marketplace for xTuple ERP products and services.  Think of it as an App Store for the enterprise, where community members can buy and sell add-in packages, extensions, connectors to third-party apps, and much more.  And of course, there will be plenty of freely available open source xTuple stuff as well - including connectors to Drupal and the Ubercart e-commerce module that powers the xChange, as well as osCommerce and Yahoo web stores.

Two new items you'll see in the xChange are xTuple's brand new Point-of-Sale (POS) package and Batch Manager application (previously only available as part of the commercial Editions of xTuple ERP).  There are great new videos on both packages, as well as all-new Product Guide documentation (PDF is included with the software; HTML is free online).

And finally, speaking of docs, we're happy to announce that the comprehensive xTuple ERP Reference Guide (always available in HTML online) is now available for purchase as a handsome 1,943 page PDF suitable for printing. Read more »

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eWeek podcast on xTuple

Here's an interview I did with eWeek's Mike Vizard.  We cover a lot of ground, talking about open source applications in general, how the xTuple community works, what's going on in the marketplace, etc.  You can download the MP3 here, or click the control below to listen straight away.

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Announcing version 3.2.2 - with new installers!

We're happy to announce that the long-awaited all-in-one installers for xTuple ERP: PostBooks Edition, developed in partnership with our friends at Bitrock, are now available for download from SourceforgeRead more »