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xTuple 3.5.0 is now final!

We're pleased to announce the final release of xTuple ERP 3.5.0, now available for download from Sourceforge via the all-in-one installers.  This is a major new release, with drop ship purchasing for distributors, expanded tooling support for manufacturers, basic time and expense entry for professional services, and much more (press release, final release notes).

We're also ready to go with the free trial period for our xTuple Cloud service.  Read more about it here.

If you're upgrading your own database from a prior release, be sure to check out Monique's blog.  And of course, if you were an XTN subscriber, we'd be doing it for you while you went and got yourself a glass of iced tea.  Doesn't that sound nice?

Finally, a hearty thanks to our fantastic community of customers, partners, and open source users around the world for helping make this the best xTuple release yet! Read more »

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Hey, you, get onto my cloud!

With apologies to the Rolling Stones, and everyone else who's used that headline ...

Here are some details about xTuple's upcoming cloud service, which will be available with the final release of version 3.5.0. Read more »

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Every picture tells a story

The chart above shows the incredible results of our haxTuple bug derby.  The orange line is the number of open bugs; the red line is the number of bugs fixed during the contest.  As you can see, the lines crossed on the very last day of the contest - 324 bugs fixed, and just 313 remaining (out of over 10,000 over the life of the company).

A big part of the reason for this surge was our haxTuple winner, Scott Zuke of Core Services Group.  Core is an xTuple partner in western Michigan, and is also behind the forthcoming Time and Expense functionality (more on that later!)  As soon as we can get our hands on one (we've placed our pre-order), Scott will receive the iPad grand prize.  (No, not that one!)

But it was a photo finish - for the last week or so, it was back and forth between Scott and Alfredo Martinez, of Yucatán, Mexico.  Alfredo oversees the xTuple implementation at a large furniture manufacturer there, and recently became a partner as well.

We had great participation from a number of other users, including other partners, customers, and open source community contributors.  A big thanks to everyone that participated!  On the off chance that people will occasionally find additional bugs in the software, we look forward to doing this again with a future release of xTuple! Read more »

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3.5 beta 2 now available - and haxTuple rolls on!

It's not too late to get in on the action for the haxTuple bug derby.  Check out the impressive leaderboard on the left side of this page - there's a fierce battle for the iPad between two prolific community contributors, Alfredo Martinez and Scott Zuke.  As they said in a really bad sci-fi movie once, "there can be only one."

But... there can be LOTS of other prizes, including free xTuple training (a $2000 value), and cool geek toys like a Star Trek phaser and Albert Einstein doll action figure.  Anyone can be a winner, and the prizes are cumulative as you rack up more fixed bugs!  Check out all the details here - the contest runs until Monday the 8th...

You can see the fruits of a lot of that initial labor in the new beta2 release of xTuple ERP version 3.5.0, now available for download from SourceforgeRead more »

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Understanding open source business models

There's a headline that will wake up a lot of people ;-)

But seriously, we're interested in starting a more active dialog with community members on something that's very close to our hearts as a business:  making money.  You might even call it a Goal.  Yes, we want to make the world a better place for business software users - but we also want to make sure we're striking the right balance of customer and community user value.

To that end, we'd really appreciate it if you could answer one question.  Put very simply, what would you be willing to pay for? Read more »

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haxTuple scorecard!

Here's a running tally of bugs that have been assigned - and resolved - in pursuit of the haxTuple bug derby. Read more »

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haxTuple - Hack open source ERP, win an iPad!

xTuple, creators of the leading open source ERP, accounting, and CRM system, is looking for a few good hackers.  By "hackers," of course, we mean developers willing to get involved in source code.  The classical use of the termRead more »

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More electronic payments!

If you're like us, you're probably getting more and more accustomed to sending and receiving money online.  Credit cards, as much as we hate paying those merchant fees, are a necessary cost of doing business for most companies.  If you're working internationally, then the venerable interbank wires - and all their costs - are probably a big part of your life as well.  Most compellingly, there are no-fee electronic debits and credits such as ACH transactions in the U.S. Read more »

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The perfect use for that iTunes gift card!

Attention iPhone users!  Now you can get the world's only iTunes app for the xTuple ERP system. 

Announcing iTuple - fully integrated xTuple CRM!  Easily sync your iPhone or iPod Touch with your company's xTuple ERP database (PostBooks, Standard, or Manufacturing) ... including the full CRM Address Book of contacts and corporate relationships, as well as personal To-Do items assigned from within the CRM module.  All contact information is "live" on the iPhone; telephone numbers can be dialed, and emails to contacts created, with a touch of the iTuple record.  CRM addresses in iTuple are also fully integrated with the Google Maps application. Read more »

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xTuple ERP 3.4.0 is now final!

We're happy to announce the final release of what started off as a minor update, and ended up as version 3.4.0 of xTuple ERP.  It's available as an all-in-one installer for Windows, Linux, or Mac - in addition to the GUI client, you can also install the latest version of the xTuple Updater (required to update to 3.4), a new version of the OpenRPT report writer, the CSVimport tool, and of course, a local copy of the PostgreSQL database.

While there are some nifty enhancements to CRM Opportunity Management in 3.4, and another skirmish in our never-ending quest to clean up all the messy data in the world, the primary reason for this release is the conversion of the entire Manufacturing Edition functionality to a loadable, scripted xTension Package.  So what does that mean? Read more »