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Kickstarting missing feature development for xTuple PostBooks

I have a good friend who was a producer of the cult TV show "Veronica Mars" from 2004-2007.  Recently, the creative team behind that show made Internet history in an interesting way - they partnered with the website Kickstarter, a resource for crowdsourced fund-raising, to raise millions of dollars to underwrite production of a "Veronica Mars" feature film.  As of this writing, over 50,000 fans have pledged anywhere from $10 to $10,000 or more.  Pretty cool.

It got me thinking about how we might do something similar in our xTuple community, and perhaps address some of the most-requested "missing features" in xTuple.   Read more »

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Free Versus Open Source in the Cloud

Why does Forbes keep indulging SaaS/cloud vendors looking to pick straw-man fights? (see also “The End of ERP” – and my comments there).

Bryan from Acquia makes the point well that open source and SaaS/cloud are mutually complementary, so I won’t try to add anything to that.

xTuple in the CloudMr. Cohen quotes a passage from Richard Stallman that I actually agree with – the distinction between open source as a product development model and a social cause. Since my company developed our entire ERP software system from scratch ( – and then decided to make it open source in order to grow a community of users who would help us continue to develop it, I naturally favor the prior view.

Mr. Cohen seems to be suggesting that open source vendors like xTuple came into an existing marketplace, somehow ripped off the incumbents, and then burned the forest behind themselves so that no one could ever grow a decent proprietary software company there again.

I submit that it’s more a question of natural evolution – as software systems become more commoditized, this happens anyway. Competition increases, prices come down, and the best business model wins in the end. Open source is a competitive weapon for my company against the bloated incumbents who are overstaffed, overfed, and build all that bloat into their pricing structure.

We innovate in *how we do business* – not how we record debits and credits in the general ledger. Consumers win. Tell me again how that’s bad?

Here's the full article. You decide:

 Read more »

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xTuple 3.7.0 now available

The latest version 3.7.0 of xTuple ERP, including the new Project and Enterprise Editions, is now available for download at SourceForge.  This is an incremental release, with a handful of significant new features, including improved support for multiple currencies in multi-company financial consolidation, handling of MRP exceptions, deeper usage of the parameter widget and characteristics, and much more, including hundreds of minor enhancements and bug fixes. Read more »

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Announcing new products and pricing

We're happy to announce two new additions (editions?) to the xTuple product line, and some simplifications to the pricing that will be effective April 1.  (No, it's not an April Fools joke... ) Read more »

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Are you an xTuple Power User?

Make plans to join us from March 21-24, for our most frequently requested class - Power User Training, focusing on SQL, data import/export, the xTuple Application Development Environment, xTuple Connect, and much more!

You can get 34 CPE credits for this class.  And there are special discounts available for sending multiple students.  Order online, or contact xTuple training today!

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Cut your teeth on "nice to have" features

Ever thought about dipping a toe into this open source development business, but wondered where to start?  Intimidated by the size and complexity of an ERP system?

Here's a suggestion:  Browse or search the list of feature requests.   There are over 1,000 of em that people have asked for over the years.  Sure, some are big and hairy.  But you might be surprised at how easy some others might be - especially the little usability things that have such an impact on day-to-day users of the system.  Here are two of my favorites, by way of example: Read more »

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Introducing xTuple 3.6 ... and details on new Hosted Demo

We've been very busy here at xTuple as 2010 gave way to 2011.  Just before Christmas, we quietly released xTuple 3.6.0; you can download both the all-in-one installer, or the binaries and databases separately, at Sourceforge.

Lots of great new features in this release, including loads of exciting user interface enhancements such as having autocomplete on all search clusters, the ability to jump to edit list or create new from combo box lists, redesigned Setup menus, and Print Preview on all report windows!  There are also some powerful accounting enhancements under the covers (see John's blog for more on that), and - we're very happy to announce - an enhanced version 2.0 of the free Time and Expense module that incorporates all the features in the previous "Pro" edition, plus much more!

Finally, we've rolled out some major enhancements to the Hosted Demo experience, including - for the first time - the ability to access your Hosted Demo database through either the GUI client or your very own instance of the xTuple Web Portal (including the Support and B2B Sales modules).

If you, like us, have fallen in love with the fictional Pro Diem toys company, now's your chance to check out the Pro Diem website, track customer support issues, and buy yourself a (fake) Yellow Tough Truck online! Read more »

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Want to integrate your email with xTuple?

UPDATE:  12/17/2010, 5:00 pm ET:  The Feature-Mob is closed!  Thanks to all 56 of our sponsors - we will be moving this discussion to a dedicated forum for xTuple Connect early next week, with details on the upcoming beta, and how Feature-Mob sponsors can get access to the current release of xTuple Connect.  And, of course, details on the rebates - everyone will end up paying the final price of $700.

Original blog post following the jump, for posterity's sake:

 Read more »

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Get up to speed: Special upgrade promotion!

We understand.  You're busy running your business, and upgrading your xTuple software isn't exactly your top priority.  Maybe you've read about some of the fantastic new features in version 3.5, maybe you've even joined us for one of our regular webinar series - but it just hasn't made it to the top of the list.

Please allow us to give you a little nudge.  Through the end of the year we're offering special pricing on our consulting services to help you upgrade your system to the current release.  Depending on your needs, consulting can include site survey, upgrade plan, remote and/or onsite support and, of course, any required modifications to your custom reports or scripts.

You know you need it.  Let us help.

Here's the best part.  The sooner you sign up, the more you can save.  We expect heavy demand for these services later in the year, but we've set up some special pricing to encourage getting started on the upgrade sooner.

Here are the details.

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Introducing xTuple Web Portal

The wait is over.

The first fully productized website integration with xTuple ERP is now available.  The Web Portal integrates a Drupal website with an xTuple backend, by linking Drupal users with xTuple Contacts and CRM Accounts.  (Remember that CRM Accounts can be customers, vendors, partners, or any other organization you do business with.)

So individuals associated with a particular CRM Account can come to your website, and create an Incident which you can manage in your internal xTuple CRM.  (Here's the demo video that covers CRM Incident Management.)

Contact us today to take advantage of special introductory pricing for existing xTuple commercial customers!

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