Sexy and we know it


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We recently had a nice writeup from Jay Lyman of the 451 Group, a technology research shop. The second paragraph begins, "Enterprise ERP still isn't sexy, but xTuple makes things more interesting by...."

Got your attention yet? :)

Right. So the article is about the expanding footprint of our Mobile Web app, and the heroic work our development team has done to make the integration of Mobile Web, the REST API, the xTupleCommerce Web Portal, and the legacy Desktop client all interoperable. Worth a read, if you have a minute (451 is a paid subscription service, but we have a reprint here on our website).

The key point - we're not aware of any other enterprise software vendor that has made this incredible commitment - we are literally porting ALL of the functionality in the xTuple core Desktop offerings into the new Mobile Web client. Without breaking anything, and totally maintaining interoperability between the two clients, connected to the same database. So you can start using the Mobile Web pieces as they come available - CRM on tablets and smartphones for your sales people, a super-slick Sales Order entry screen that features speedy grid-entry in a desktop Web browser, and now mobile warehouse transactions on ruggedized wireless barcode scanners running Android. Yeah, I think that's sexy.

Or, as musical group LMFAO might put it, when we walk on by, other ERP vendors be looking like "damn they fly!"

Finally, couldn't leave a blog post riffing on this song without a link to my all-time favorite treatment of it - with Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen as .. a younger Bruce Springsteen. Enjoy.