Feature Mob 2: Making PostBooks Everything You Want it to Be


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xTuple X logo ball capUPDATE: Some weeks ago, I innocently posted a blog about my friend who used the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform to raise money to make a feature film based on the Veronica Mars TV show. It was enormously successful - they were hoping to raise $2 million, but finished with almost three times that amount, from over 91,000 individual backers. As they say in the movies, principal photography on the film is now underway. (I know, because I contributed, and get regular emails from the set. Woo hoo!)

Anyway, I thought wouldn't it be cool if we could do something similar - on an, ahem, much more modest scale - to get more people involved in the development of PostBooks and fill out some missing features that people are looking for. Well, be careful what you ask for.... you just might get it. We asked for feedback, and boy did you respond.

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xTuple Feature Mob 2We've been pouring over all the feature requests, getting them logged in our Issue Tracker, and doing our best to rationalize the new issues with the ones that have been in the system for a while. (What's that, you say? You didn't know xTuple had an issue tracker as part of its CRM module? Shame on you! Or maybe shame on us for not making it more visible!)

Anyway, anyway... we're digging out from the very exciting launch of our new Free Trial cloud offering, and are ready to start focusing on what we're now calling Feature Mob 2 (extra points to those of you who remember the first one!) These are the Top 30 issues that got the most community support, and seemed the most achievable in the next few major releases of the software.

There are some big, exciting features in here - Integrations with leading open source solutions for payroll and business intelligence. Issues that we've heard repeatedly from users in Europe such as expanded localization of VAT reporting and electronic payments. Importing and reconciling electronic banking transactions. Better support for credit card purchasing. A supercharged search wizard to unlock the incredible power of regular expressions for the less technical among us. Hopefully, if you've been involved in the xTuple community for any length of time, you'll see some of your favorites on this list!

Here's the official announcement - with links to how you can contribute (or use "BUY" links above), and collect some truly awesome thank-you gifts!

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Hi Ned! I missed the original

Hi Ned!

I missed the original call comments on the Kickstarter List. :( I see under System is "Characteristics on Sales Orders/Invoices/Purchase Orders 19168", which is exciting, but is it possible to add characteristics to projects as well? That would be a great help for service based companies like us! Our office does design work, and we have lots of critical data that we would like to store with a project (such as the project's Assessor's Parcel Number or the Permit Jurisdiction, etc.) Currently we use a variety of alternative systems to supplement xTuple in this area, but having the data inside xTuple is much preferred!

Thanks Ned!

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Hi James,

Yes, if you look at the comments on issue 19168, you'll see that the way we plan to implement this is to have Characteristics everywhere there is already Documents and Comments.  So having them on Projects would make that cut.