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Details on 4.8 release, and 2015 preview!

As much of the world slowly returns to the post-holidays work schedule, you might be surprised at how much has been happening at xTuple in recent weeks.

We've just released xTuple 4.8, which is arguably the biggest release since 4.0 for us.  There are major new enhancements in the Desktop, Mobile Web, and xTupleCommerce customer-facing website...

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xTupleCon materials coming soon - plus Woz pix!

Thanks to everyone who made xTupleCon 2014 such a fantastic event! We'll be putting together all the conference materials in a special area of the website accessible to attendees only - give us a couple days to finish collating everything, and watch this space for the link once it's ready. Read more »

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haxTuple 2014 - new faces, it's on!

<-- UPDATE!!  Can anybody catch Keith ??

I'm posting with news on haxTuple 2014, our hackathon/bug derby that covers community-contributed fixes to both the xTuple Desktop client everyone knows, and the new Mobile Web client.

That lovely orange leaderboard on the left side of the website tells the story.  Sprinkled in among the valiant efforts of our own xTuple staff, there are a handful of other folks making an impact on this contest.

Our leader, as of September 25, is Keith Rauseo, IT manager at a very successful xTuple commercial customer with operations in the US and Canada.  

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xTupleCon: Days of Future Apps

We've just announced the full agenda for this year's xTupleCon user conference, and it's a doozy. More great speakers, innovative technology, inspirational stories, and all around cool stuff than you can shake a stick at! By now you might have heard that the conference opens with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. But did you know we're also hosting the Chief of Staff for the US Navy Mid-Atlantic? How about ERP guru Cindy Jutras?

And speaking of those future apps, they'll be on full display - mobile warehouse, including wireless Android barcode scanners and hot-off-the-presses xTuple Workflow?? The new xTuple Quality system for manufacturers? The full rundown on the xTuple Server, including deep dives on Business Intelligence dashboards and the xTupleCommerce Web Portal?

And, oh yeah, an audience-participation mobile warehouse relay race featuring handheld devices versus a prototype of xTuple on Google Glass. Full details here.

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Breaking news: Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak opening xTupleCon14

xTupleCon14 - Steve Wozniak

Kick off xTupleCon14 with Woz!

Yes, you read that correctly. xTuple is proud to announce that our opening VIP keynote speaker will be none other than the legendary Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple!

UPDATE:  We're also happy to announce that xTupleCon participants will be able to enjoy a 90 minute private cocktail and hors d'oeuvres reception with Woz before the talk!! 

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Sexy and we know it

We recently had a nice writeup from Jay Lyman of the 451 Group, a technology research shop. The second paragraph begins, "Enterprise ERP still isn't sexy, but xTuple makes things more interesting by...."

Got your attention yet? :) Read more »

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Feature Mob 2: Update

xTuple ERP New Feature Mob 2 rewardUPDATE: Feature Mob 2 is SOLD OUT

Mobile Web / Pentaho Business Intelligence "thank you" gift added!

In late August 2013, I announced our Feature Mob 2, our second generation program of building out features by crowd-sourcing development of xTuple PostBooks.

The results to date have been exceptional — we've nearly reached our goal, and in record time. But some of you requested an interim funding level between $1,000 and $5,000, and perhaps an added perk, or reward, to go along with it. Some of you even asked for it by name — help setting up the new Mobile Web and Pentaho Business Intelligence components for your local xTuple server. That's a service just rolled out with version 4.1, and it's very much in demand.

As is always the case around here, we listened! And, you can see what levels may still be available by the rewards chart below. (I say "may" as all sponsorships are first-come, first served!)

PER YOUR REQUEST, NEW $3,000 LEVEL ADDED: Your added perk includes installation of the full server infrastructure to support the new Mobile Web client and Pentaho BI tools (which normally sells for $6,000). And, happily for our $5,000 and $10,000 level sponsors, they receive the added reward, too. What's not to love?

Level (USD)
Contribute xTuple "Thank You" gift Limited Number
of Contributors
$100 BUY xTuple Feature Mob exclusive t-shirt  unlimited 
$250 BUY above, plus xTuple Lands’ End polo shirt  unlimited 
$500 BUY above, plus xTupleCon 2014 admission (2013 event SOLD-OUT)  unlimited 
$1,000 BUY above, plus xTuple Connect package
value $2,859.50
 only 10 6 available 
$3,000 BUY above, plus installation of new Mobile Web client & Pentaho Business Intelligence Tools
value $8,859.50
10 available
$5,000 BUY above, plus Enhanced Commissions package
NEW value $19,859.50
 only 10 3 available 
$10,000 BUY above, plus 5-user perpetual license, xTuple Enterprise
NEW value $31,415.00
 only 5 2 available 
Special Offer BONUS  xTuple "X" Embroidered Logo Ball Cap  FIRST 100 only 

Contribution amounts shown in U.S. Dollars

xTuple X logo ball capThere are still plenty of sponsor opportunities at the $100, $250 and $500 levels as well. Remember, the $500 level gets you a seat at xTupleCon 2014, and based on the response to this year's inaugural xTupleCon (SOLD OUT!), that will be a very hot ticket!

In case you missed it, here's the official announcement — with links to how you can contribute (or use "BUY" links above), and collect some truly awesome thank-you gifts!

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Feature Mob 2: Making PostBooks Everything You Want it to Be

xTuple X logo ball capUPDATE: Some weeks ago, I innocently posted a blog about my friend who used the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform to raise money to make a feature film based on the Veronica Mars TV show. It was enormously successful - they were hoping to raise $2 million, but finished with almost three times that amount, from over 91,000 individual backers. As they say in the movies, principal photography on the film is now underway. (I know, because I contributed, and get regular emails from the set. Woo hoo!)

Anyway, I thought wouldn't it be cool if we could do something similar - on an, ahem, much more modest scale - to get more people involved in the development of PostBooks and fill out some missing features that people are looking for. Well, be careful what you ask for.... you just might get it. We asked for feedback, and boy did you respond.

Level (USD)
Contribute xTuple "Thank You" gift Limited Number
of Contributors
$100 xTuple Feature Mob exclusive t-shirt unlimited
$250 above, plus xTuple Lands’ End polo shirt unlimited
$500 above, plus xTupleCon 2014 admission (2013 event is sold-out) unlimited
$1,000 above, plus xTuple Connect package
value $2,859.50
 only 10 available 
$5,000 above, plus Enhanced Commissions package
value $13,859.50
 only 10 available 
$10,000 above, plus 5-user perpetual license, xTuple Enterprise
value $25,415.00
 only 5 available 
Special Offer BONUS  xTuple "X" Embroidered Logo Ball Cap FIRST 100 only

Contribution amounts shown in U.S. Dollars

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Free trial of integrated Desktop and Mobile Web clients!

If you've been around xTuple for a while, you probably used our Hosted Demo service at one point.  While you've always been able to download the xTuple client, and set up your own PostBooks database locally, many people have found it helpful to use the same client to connect to a hosted instance of their own xTuple Enterprise database.  We're pleased to announce the successor to that program - our Free Trial and Cloud 2.0 service. Read more »

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Save the date: xTupleCon coming in October!

UPDATE - Registration is now open!

By popular demand, and building on the success of PartnerCon 1 & 2, join us Thursday-Saturday, October 10-12, 2013, at xTuple Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, for the inaugural xTupleCon - bringing together the World's #1 Open Source ERP User Community.

Partners, customers, open source community members - all are welcome!

If you've got an idea for a session, please let us hear from you in the comments below....

Registration opens soon!

xTupleCon 2013 - the ultimate user conference! Read more »