xTuple Blog is moving to xTuple.com


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To better serve our customers and greater open source community, xTuple is launching a new website, with one starting point for all things xTuple. To see future blog posts, bookmark xTuple's Collective Brainpower Blog. Subject matter experts contribute from around the world, including xTuple company staff, value-added resellers and partners, as well as industry analysts and open source experts.


You'll enjoy excellent resources shared within one blog, divided into tracks — Business, Operations, Technology, and Web/eCommerce — to help you find what interests you most. Author bylines are complete with bios, social media and website links. More features are under development, to be added as quickly as possible, such as comments and social sharing options, search by author, topic, track.

The new xTuple.com is the easy way to access the entire family of Web properties. The sites are fully mobile-responsive and rich with easy-to-search content across a variety of content types to deliver a true "Knowledge Base" experience.

The “mega menu” concept delivers everything you need up front and center, and new color themes (under development) identify each section for simple visual clues in a user's navigation of the website.

The top level menu consists of immediate action items including Free Trial sign-up, About (including company history, management and career opportunities, customer stories, news and media kit with official xTuple Style Guide) and "Get Updates" for users to receive xTuple emails for training, announcements, software updates and specials... powerful tools to grow your business, grow your world.

Everything xTuple is connected in three main sections:

1. Solutions — answers the questions that everyone asks, such as "Who Uses xTuple?" — including information on the benefits of using enterprise resource planning (ERP) and eCommerce in your manufacturing and distribution/supply chain business, industries served, product descriptions and benefits, and how to buy (coming soon, the new xTuple MarketPlace powered by xTupleCommerce)

2. Community — delivers subject matter expertise within multiple content formats, such as Blog, Forum, Issue Tracker, FAQ, Support, Developer Zone, Downloads, File Distribution, and xTuple®University — incorporating videos, product guides and QuickStart resources, training and events, links to GitHub documentation and repositories, all sorted by track/category, most content is available publicly and some in private, customer-specific forums, groups and wikis

3. Partners — shares information about the xTuple Partner Program for self-service inquiries, opportunities for business development, and coming soon, a comprehensive find-a-partner listing of all with logos, links, bios, tagged by expertise, sorted by Partner Level, link to their Blog posts, etc.), private Partner-Only resources, and access to partner-contributed Apps & Extensions and more about professional services available

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