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Go Live: Are We Ready?

The clients I work with frequently ask me this question once we are deep into the implementation.  I never give a straight answer.  You see, I believe you should know if you are ready and with the right preparation you will.  So let's take a high level look at what must happen before you will be confident enough to go live.

Initial Training Read more »

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Video on Time & Expense 2.0

There's a new video on the enhanced Time and Expense 2.0 package on the xTuple YouTube channel.  Learn how to enter time and expenses in xTuple ERP, tightly integrated with Project Management.  Create invoices and reimbursements for employees and contractors.  Track actual project time and expenses compared to budget.  It's all free and open source, and works with any edition of xTuple.  Both the free T&E package, and a PDF of the Product Guide, are available in the xChange App Store.

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Whew! We made it! What do we do now?

Many ERP implementations focus on integrating the enterprise on a common business platform -- and rightly so. So, once you have successfully accomplished this, how do you move to the next level? Well, at xTuple we have a couple of new products that will enable you to reach out to customers and suppliers, and strengthen your relationship with them.

One is an email and integration platform, and the other is a web portal that provides trading partners web access to elements of your business that you define.  Please take a minute and learn about them... Read more »

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Best Practice ERP – Don't settle for piecemeal

Why are we doing this?

Why do we implement ERP?  Ask several different companies and you will get a variety of answers.  The one answer I hear most often, indeed a common refrain from those who are most successful is: “To integrate all facets of our business on a single application platform.”  This makes sense especially when you consider that the 'E' in ERP is Enterprise.

Now, let's ask a different question:  What is the one thing you would do differently?  Again there are a variety of answers but one that is often high on the list and that usually comes from those who struggle after they completed their implementation is: “Avoid a piecemeal implementation.” Read more »

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Best Practice ERP: Migration Checklists

Many of you whom I have met personally know that I am an instrument rated pilot.  As a pilot I use checklists before during and after every flight.  They are a very important part of aviation for many reasons.  Checklists promote safety by ensuring that critical tasks are completed.  They also ensure that these tasks are done in sequence and that they are performed at the right time.  For example, it is generally considered too late to put your gear down after landing.  Finally, they ensure that everyone in aviation behaves and works in a consistent manner.  The stakes are high so discipline is essential.

Migrating from one release of xTuple to the next, like flying an airplane, is a straight forward process so long as you have basic skills and a plan for utilizing them.  To reduce risk and ensure business continuity and data continuity you should follow a migration checklist that, like an aviation checklist, ensures you perform all required tasks, in sequence, and at the right time.   Read more »

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Best Practice ERP: Cycle Counting

Cycle counting is a topic that normally comes up during or shortly after the “up-and-running” phase of an implementation is complete. It is a technique that is easily implemented but almost always incorrectly. Why? Because the philosophy most firms adopt for cycle counting is often contrary to its intended purpose, so, even with flawless execution they get poor results.

What is the right philosophy you ask? Simple. Cycle counting is a means by which a firm validates that it's inventory management processes and procedures result in a target level for inventory accuracy. For those of you familiar with Statistical Quality Control, it is similar in concept to ensuring that a manufacturing process is in control. Read more »

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New Financial Reporting Engine (FRE) Video

The FRE is the very flexible financial reporting tool that enables you to create core financial reports like Income Statements and Balances sheets as well as custom reports including Working Capital reports and Profit Center P/L reports.

Like everything in xTuple the FRE has continued to evolve with large and small improvements over time. But, the FRE video had not kept up, that is until now. A new video that introduces the audience to FRE basics has been posted and can now be accessed here.

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New xTuple ERP Full Business Process Flow Video

The video collection continues to grow covering a wide array of topics. The latest addition shows, in a single video, the execution of a comprehensive business process flow from end-to-end. It covers inventory management, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, accounts receivable and accounts payable in a single integrated flow. It is a great way to get acquainted with the application or learn something new and the navigation is performed completely from the tool bar buttons – no menus. Read more »