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2013 is breakout year for commercial open source

Photo credit: Opensourceway on FlickrWhy such bullish prognostication?

Bottom line: commercial open source is simply a better model and is at its inflection point for growth. Open source is good for the global marketplace, innovation and the companies who back the projects. This is a winning "trifecta" – one now broadly recognized in education, business and governments worldwide.

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Global Marketplace and FOSS

Global markets now have access to leading edge products and can embrace those that are either free and open source (FOSS) or commercial open source with the backing of a stable company. The proliferation of legally free versions of business software around the world is a game-changer for both developing economies and the software industry.

The FOSS xTuple PostBooks, for example, competes with expensive enterprise resource planning software (ERP) with deployment costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These legacy ERP vendors have sliding-scale pricing to offset some of the economic differences around the world, but in the past, the only choice of global manufacturing and other businesses in need of ERP was spreadsheets or pirating software.

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