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Let there be Light! - New JavaScript Debugger in 3.4

If you've attempted any development on xTuple using scripting then you've probably found the debugging routine a bit tedious, to say the least. It has been mostly a manual process of reviewing the command line console for uncaught exceptions, and inserting try/catch blocks and print statements in your code to track down otherwise silent bugs. If you're running on Windows, it's all the worse because print statements don't print anywhere useful, leaving would-be Windows script developers almost completely in the dark.

Version 3.4.0 of xTuple (currently in beta release) exposes Qt's powerful script debugging engine that suddenly brings all those nasty little bugs into the light. It provides a graphical IDE style interface that highlights uncaught exceptions and allows you to step through code execution.

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U and I need to talk

If you follow the xTuple Product Roadmap at all you might notice that version 4.0 targeted for early 2010 is slated to offer significant user interface (UI) enhancements. The idea is add tools that help users learn how to use the system and find information quickly. We are looking for feedback from the community about what they would find most useful. Based on the feedback we get from day to day, what users like about xTuple is our clean no-nonsense interface. We often hear from our fans "Please don't wreck your clean interface by cluttering it with a bunch of useless eye candy like so many other systems." On the other hand we do hear criticism that even though the application is very poweful the interface is almost too... spartan. Read more »

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The Zero Footprint Advantage

The decision making process for selecting an ERP system is often reliant on the needs of Accounting and Operations people whose primary concern is functionality.   Yet I.T. Administrators bear the burden of deploying the application and anything that goes wrong seems to fall on their shoulders.  Ask any I.T. person what they want in a business system and the answer is “Something that is easy as possible to maintain.”  For this reason I.T. Managers often assume that what would be easiest is a browser-based solution because they don't have to install anything on their users' client machines.  Think again.  xTuple's zero footprint solution is easier than that. Read more »

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The X Factor: Trust

One issue I rarely see discussed in articles about ERP, open source or just about any software is trust.  When looking for an ERP system the number of considerations that have to be thought through from business processes to technology platforms can be overwhelming.  Many people deal with the enormity of this process by coming up with a list of feature requirements which are then blasted to all the ERP vendors they can find.  They work their way to a short list of candidates by selecting the top vendors that appear to meet most of their requirements based on vendor responses.  "Can we trust you?" is not an explicitly listed requirement. Read more »

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Swat xTuple bugs - Win a Netbook!

xTuple is proud to announce our first annual xTuple Bug Derby.

From July 13th to July 21st we will be obsessively fixated on resolving as many bugs as possible for the 3.3 release and we are inviting the greater xTuple community to join in. 

There will be prizes for participating contributors.  Anyone who submits code to resolve 3 or more bugs will receive an xTuple Bug Derby T-Shirt.  The highest contributor outside xTuple that submits code to resolve 10 or more bugs will win a Dell Netbook.  All participants will be publicly credited for their contributions. Read more »

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xTuple gets a Kiss

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).  We've all heard that before as a guideline for ERP software development and implementation.  Simple systems are easier to both implement and maintain.  But I don't think there are many things that could be more challenging than keeping an ERP system simple.   Enter the Simple Sales Order: Read more »

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What's cookin' at xTuple?

It seems like it's been relatively quiet from xTuple development in the last few months as the last two releases at first glance appear to be mostly bug fixes.  However we have quietly been taking big architectural strides in those releases that will manifest themselves in the remainder of 2009: Read more »