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From one Accountant to another

xTuple is an excellent tool for accountants.  From a multi-segment chart of accounts to a financial report generator, xTuple is a powerful tool that can easily meet all of your accounting needs. One great example of xTuple's accounting functionality - monthly closes can be completed nearly simultaneously with month end. Just think, financial reports for last month on the first day of the following month!

And those reports can be customized to meet your specific needs - your choice of how to group, total, summarize individual accounts from the COA, as well as row and column layouts which can easily be copied to create new reports.

So how else does xTuple specifically assist the accountant in their job? The various xTuple modules are fully integrated with the accounting functions on a single platform. Manufacturing transactions are posted to the general ledger, sales and shipping transactions recorded as they occur. Accounts receivable are recorded and tracked, and invoices from vendors are all managed within xTuple. All the while, debits and credits remain in balance as your organization goes about conducting business. Thanks to the reporting functionality you can immediately review the real-time state of your business. The accountant can be a superstar utilizing many of the controls and tools available in xTuple.

I will attempt to highlight some of these tools in this blog and also in a series of Web-Based Training classes entitled Advanced Tips for Accounting Professionals.  The first is this Tuesday, Jan. 18, from 4-6 pm.

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