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xTuple ERP and software usability - one developer's perspective

One of the core principles of software usability is that an application must behave consistently. Otherwise the application can lead users into making errors. Something as simple as arranging buttons in a different order on different windows can cause confusion and frustration. So, if we xTuple developers know about the dangers of inconsistencies, why do they exist and why don't we fix them all? Read more »

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Script Developers: Qt constants and scripting in xTuple ERP 3.3.0

This is the first in an occasional series of blog posts written from a developer's perspective. Most of the entries will be written for other developers - whether you work on scripts or the core, work for an xTuple ERP customer or want to extend PostBooks or are an xTuple VAR or are simply interested in how the product works internally. Some may have a wider appeal. Read more »