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Enabling Technologies - plv8 in 4.9

We recently announced the 4.9.0 release candidate of xTuple ERP and the final release should be ready soon. You probably did not know that 4.9.0 is the first version of xTuple ERP that requires plv8 [see below] for all databases and clients.

There are a few things you must do to get ready for this change.

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Scripting and View Change Follow-up

A few months ago I wrote to warn you that some old database views and script toolbox methods would be removed from the xTuple core product. This work has been completed and will first appear in the 4.0.0Beta2. We don't yet have a date for that beta release.

Several of our partners have already made the necessary changes to their extension packages so they will be ready for the new release. Make sure you are ready, too. As I said in December, "You can start this work now...." Read more »

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Upgrading to xTuple ERP 3.8.0

UPDATE:  Version 3.8.0 is now final.  We're highlighting this blog from earlier in the release cycle to help people navigate the upgrade process.  If you would like for xTuple to manage your upgrades for you (any Edition of the software, including PostBooks), consider our XTN offering!

Before you upgrade to xTuple EPR 3.8.0, there are a few things you should know: Read more »

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Attention Scripters and Report Writers

Internal work on the xTuple ERP 3.8.0 release is winding down - the first release candidate was published a few weeks ago and a second RC and final release are coming soon. Now is the time to start planning for 3.9.

I don't know yet what features will be added in 3.9. There will be some internal changes, though, that you need to prepare for if you write scripts, MetaSQL statements, or reports. Read more »

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Sticking Your Head in the Lion's Mouth

Apple's new version of its operating system, OS X Lion, is due to be released to the public in the next couple of weeks. The new user interface features are very nice. Upgrading promises to be simple and inexpensive.

This is good for consumers but trouble for xTuple users. You see, current releases of OpenRPT and of PostBooks and other editions of xTuple ERP do not work well on LionRead more »

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Technology Preview: xTuple Connect

The xTuple Batch Manager package (xtbatch) is changing its name to xTuple Connect (xtconnect). The new name reflects the greatly expanded EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities that this package offers in the upcoming xTuple Connect 3.5.0 release.

A primary goal behind these changes was to build a completely automated order receipt and invoicing process. The companies that buy goods from our development sponsors generate orders as CSV and XML files and place them on an FTP server. These orders have to be retrieved, reformatted, and imported into the xTuple database. xTuple then must create invoices for these orders, print them, and send electronic versions back to the companies that placed the orders.

Thanks to our two development sponsors we have been able to add the following features : Read more »

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Getting the most out of PostgreSQL

A few weeks ago, three of us from xTuple went to the PG East conference in Philadelphia to talk with other people who use and maintain Postgres. xTuple has attended 3 years running. It's been a great event for developers and database administrators and we learn a lot by going. The tenor of this particular conference is changing, though.  Each year the presentations have been getting more relevant to companies considering running applications built on top of Postgres, such as xTuple ERP. Read more »

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C++ or JavaScript?

 A software guy I know recently said that he prefers PHP to C++, something about C++ being "too fussy". I didn't comment at the time but the issue is an interesting one and is relevant to the haxTuple bug derby and xTuple application scripting. Read more »

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Design Bugs

A couple of weeks ago I promised to talk about design bugs.

Simply put, a design bug is an error in thinking about how a problem should be solved. This is different from coding bugs, where the solution is basically correct but isn't written properly. Read more »

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Bug or Feature Request?

I started to write a description of how to report bugs, but found that others have done a much better job than I could. Take a look at the following:

With that out of the way, here's a problem of a different sort:

When is a problem with xTuple ERP a bug and when is it a feature request? Most software companies get lots of queries asking, "Why doesn't the program do X?" or "Why does it do Y?" xTuple is no exception. Read more »