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xTnet: New CRM Now Available for Partners

We're excited to be launching a new tool for our partner network today. Called xTnet, it's a new way for us to work with our outstanding partners. Among the many important initiatives for xTuple this year is growing our partner network.  Building upon our already solid foundation of partners in locations around the world, we're  committed to working with local, expert consultants because we know that having a trained and qualified expert on-site is what's best for our customers. Read more »

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Wanna be an xTuple Partner?

If you've received this folder, I want to talk to you!

The xTuple sales model is all about partners--we're eager to find the right ERP consultants and systems integrators to help grow and support our customers. At xTuple, we're committed to working with dedicated professionals to sell, implement and support our software. Read more »

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No, really...what's the catch?

The other day I was talking with with someone on the phone who was interested in becoming an xTuple partner (As Director of Business Development, I talk to both current and potential partners every day). In this particular conversation, as with nearly every conversation I have with potential partners, the question was posed, “so - what's the theory?”  He meant, of course, what's the catch? How does xTuple make money if you're just giving your software away with the PostBooks edition? There must be a catch! Read more »