Fixed Assets Web Training - Join Us and Receive $100 Credit!


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In addition to our awesome classroom training sessions including the upcoming 202 Advanced Topics class, xTuple will be offering a Web-based Training event every month of this year. This is a terrific opportunity for you to take a deep dive into all sorts of functional areas of the application. Each session will be lead by an expert on that particular topic from the xTuple community, partner group or xTuple itself. Check the xTuple Events Page often for updates and additions to the Web-Based Training event schedule. 

Tomorrow, March 3, Dave Anderson, developer of the Fixed Assets extension packages will be leading a group of xTuple users through a detailed demo of Fixed Assets, its powerful capabilities - and answering questions from the audience. As a special offer to anyone who attends tomorrows training, we are offering a $100 credit, DOUBLE the cost of the class, towards the purchase of the commercial Fixed Assets Depreciation package!

The cost of the class is ONLY $50 so if you have an interest in an asset tracking solution integrated with xTuple - you don't want to miss this class! Take advantage of this unique offer to purchase Fixed Assets for $395, $100 less even than the current beta-period promotion, and a fraction of what the final price will be!

Purchase your seat today and we will give you 3 weeks to redeem your $100 credit. Click here to learn more and purchase your seat.