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That's the catchy slogan from our booth sign at the Drupalcon conference, going on now at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. We've been here since Monday, talking to all the great, committed Drupaleers and Drupalistas about our soon-to-be-released xTuple Web Portal module for connecting your Drupal web site to your xTuple ERP database. 

A lot of companies here are interested in the idea of having a single, integrated database for managing customer/donor/user information. Most of these people are used to cobbling together solutions from various SaaS offerings, with the result that they have information about their customers in multiple, non-communicating databases. When they see our solution, a single, open-source business application and a simple module for connecting it to the web, they get very excited.

We'll be talking more about the xTuple Web Portal in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let me say thank you to all the great people who've stopped by our booth in the Moscone Center. It's been fun to meet you all!

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Great idea!

Any future thoughts about integrating with Joomla?

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Not really. We used to run

Not really. We used to run the xTuple websites on Joomla, but switched to Drupal for a number of reasons.

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Drupal Integration

I've just completed developing two-way integration between Drupal's UberCart ecommerce module and xTuple using another great open source solution - Pentaho Data Integration.

The integration keeps Ubercart stock levels and product pricing in step. It then downloads new orders directly to the Shipping phase of sales order processing. Once the order is shipped it updates the order status in Ubercart and handles the processing of credit card receipts.

The reason I went with Pentaho for the integration was two-fold. It is our standard integration mechanism, and more importantly we run several ecommerce websites and needed to manage the process across those websites into the single xTuple instance.

The short of it is xTuple can integrate easily with many different systems and is not limited to just Drupal.

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Can't Wait

I've been wanting to play with this for over a year now. This should tie in nicely with the Customer, Rep, Item and Sales Order dashboards and reporting tools I've been building in Drupal. I'm curious to see how the profile module works.

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Customer Service Portal

I would really like to see a customer service portal where customers could check on orders and inventory levels. Since I work for a custom manufacturer (build-to-print), it would be nice if customers could upload job information (drawings, quantity, delivery dates, etc.) for quotation. I am thinking about the feasibility of doing this myself.

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me too!

me too!!