Now with 200% more e-commerce!


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In the past week xTuple has released modules to integrate xTuple ERP with Ubercart (a module for Drupal) and osCommerce, two of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms. This is in addition to our long-standing support for Yahoo Stores.

You can find all three free e-commerce integration solutions from xTuple for download from the xChange.

You can download and use any of these three solutions right away, or you can use them as a basis for further, more complex integrations between xTuple and an e-commerce site. If you decide to modify or extend them, or if you use them as a basis to connect to a totally different e-commerce platform (we have our eyes on Magento...) we hope you'll consider sharing them with the community here at xTuple.

We've provided these free tools primarily as usable examples of the two methods for integrating xTuple with an external e-commerce engine. Ubercart and Yahoo Stores both connect to xTuple via the XML method, where the orders placed on the store are exported into an XML file and then imported into xTuple. The osCommerce connection, on the other hand, uses our database APIs to insert data directly from the web store into xTuple. 

Check out the docs section for more information about xTuple e-commerce integrations, or head over to the xChange to download the xTuple e-commerce integration files now.