More ecommerce power from xTuple and Drupal


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Want to tie xTuple together with a leading open source web shopping cart? We've just finished an overhaul of our ecommerce integration for xTuple and Drupal/Ubercart. The solution consists of a custom Drupal module (uc_edi_xtuple) and a set of instructions for configuring your webstore to send customer and order information to your xTuple database. You'll be able to sell on the web, and manage all your fulfilment (shipping) and inventory operations in xTuple, and then transmit shipping information back to your store, so your customer knows the ship date and tracking number. View the full set of instructions here

We'll be demonstrating this solution, as well as how to automate the whole process using xTuple Connect, in a webinar in May. We hope you'll join us in May to see it live and get instant answers to your questions. Let us know if you're interested in the webinar and we'll make sure to contact you with the date and signup link as soon as it's available. Cost will be $125 per person for a 90 minute training session (CPE credits available).