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More ecommerce power from xTuple and Drupal

Want to tie xTuple together with a leading open source web shopping cart? We've just finished an overhaul of our ecommerce integration for xTuple and Drupal/Ubercart. The solution consists of a custom Drupal module (uc_edi_xtuple) and a set of instructions for configuring your webstore to send customer and order information to your xTuple database. You'll be able to sell on the web, and manage all your fulfilment (shipping) and inventory operations in xTuple, and then transmit shipping information back to your store, so your customer knows the ship date and tracking number. View the full set of instructions here

We'll be demonstrating this solution, as well as how to automate the whole process using xTuple Connect, in a webinar in May. We hope you'll join us in May to see it live and get instant answers to your questions. Let us know if you're interested in the webinar and we'll make sure to contact you with the date and signup link as soon as it's available. Cost will be $125 per person for a 90 minute training session (CPE credits available). 

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Announcing xTuple Custom Development Services

It's time to let you in on something that a few xTuple customers have known about for years: we do custom work

Yes, it's true. Over the years we've added all kinds of new features to xTuple ERP to meet specific customer needs. Read more »

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If a tree falls in the forum...

The xTuple community forum is an active place, with many new topics and replies posted every day. New users and old-hands alike can ask questions and expect to get answers in a reasonable amount of time. xTuple staff monitors the forums, but a question is more likely to get a response from a partner or a helpful and experienced community member than from one of us, and that is how it should be.  The forum is a place for the community to exchange knowledge--we're just the host. Read more »

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xTuple your Drupal

That's the catchy slogan from our booth sign at the Drupalcon conference, going on now at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. We've been here since Monday, talking to all the great, committed Drupaleers and Drupalistas about our soon-to-be-released xTuple Web Portal module for connecting your Drupal web site to your xTuple ERP database.  Read more »

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Why we tweet

How many of you out there have a Twitter account? Do you find it useful? Annoying? Trivial? Informative?

I've been on the fence, like many others. I've had a Twitter account for over a year. But as soon as I started following various users, I was appalled by the avalanche of blather that poured into my Twitter feed. I walked away from the whole phenomenon for a while, convinced that this much-ballyhooed new technology was just a collosal time waster, worse than FaceBook or MySpace, and totally useless to me in the business world.

But then I started to read more, and I looked again at Twitter, and how I was using it. Read more »

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What's my motivation?

It happens in our forums all the time. Someone posts a question like, “How do I set up PostgreSQL for a multiuser environment?” There's an answer to this question, of course, but it's not simple. You need to know a bit about PostgreSQL, about user adminstration, and about the xTuple ERP database. People seem to think we can paste an answer into the reply field and solve their problem, but what we usually do is point them to the resources they need to solve the problem themselves. Some people, unfortunately, put down xTuple ERP at this point and walk away. Read more »

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Now with 200% more e-commerce!

In the past week xTuple has released modules to integrate xTuple ERP with Ubercart (a module for Drupal) and osCommerce, two of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms. This is in addition to our long-standing support for Yahoo Stores.

You can find all three free e-commerce integration solutions from xTuple for download from the xChange.

You can download and use any of these three solutions right away, or you can use them as a basis for further, more complex integrations between xTuple and an e-commerce site. If you decide to modify or extend them, or if you use them as a basis to connect to a totally different e-commerce platform (we have our eyes on Magento...) we hope you'll consider sharing them with the community here at xTuple. Read more »

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Give PostBooks the thumbs up

SourceForge.net, where you can download the open source PostBooks project, has undergone a lot of changes lately. Some of them are great--the new site home page is a much better interface for users looking to find software on the site--and some are not so wonderful, such as the new file download system, which is still a work in progress. We're hoping they work out the bugs there soon.

One enhancement is the new "reviews" feature. If you're a fan of PostBooks, please take a moment to log in to SourceForge and review the PostBooks project. Think of it as a way to help others find PostBooks!

Thanks. Read more »

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An essential xTuple doctrine is our commitment to “eating our own dog food,” using xTuple ERP within our own company to do our jobs better, and to ensure we understand the experience from a customer's point of view. It can be eye-opening, at times. In this way, we've come up with our own "wish list" of features we'd like to see in the software.  Of course, nothing speeds up that process like actual demand from paying customers :) Read more »

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New Translation Portal Video

Demo VideoProfessor Atherton has been hard at work again, this time to produce a training video for the xTuple online Translation and Localization tools. If you've been thinking about getting involved with the translation of xTuple into any of the sixteen languages currently under development, this demonstration video is just what you need. Jump in, take a look, and give us your feedback! Then head over to the Translation Portal and get started.

 Read more »