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New ERP System for the New Year? Start Now!

Happy New Year with xTupleIf you’re in the process of deciding to migrate to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and hope to have it in place by the end of the year, i.e., 2012, don’t wait any longer to make the decision.

Count on at least four to six months depending upon the complexity of your business – unless you have a dedicated team working on the implementation nearly full-time. December and January may still seem far away. However, in the world of ERP implementation, it’s not far at all!

If you’ve already decided to roll out xTuple ERP, where do you start? Read more »

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What is your time worth?

In a do-it-yourself economy, with a do it yourself product, it's maybe a little too easy to talk yourself into trying work through  software implementation challenges on your own.  But before you go down that road, think about what economists call "opportunity cost" - what is all that time you're spending really costing you?  And how much better off would you be, if you could just plug into an xTuple subject matter expert? Read more »

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Implementation Success: You can't afford not to be trained

Ok, I'll admit it - I'm as guilty as the next person when it comes to not reading directions.  Generally, instructions are little more than packing materials which get thrown out with plastic wrap and styrofoam.

Once and a while it actually occurs to me that those directions may provide nuggets of valuable insight as to how to use a product and save me hours of time trying to solve the mystery on my own.  And I know I'm not the only one out there with these bad habits, otherwise, there wouldn't be so many condensed product guides available.  Not to mention online user classes and a whole publishing industry geared around training manuals for dummies and idiots.

In our era of multitasking information overload, who has time to read the directions - much less take a training class!  It will be faster - and economical - to just figure it out as you go, right?


 Read more »

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Accounting for year-end

As year-end draws near, it's not uncommon for businesses to begin to consider polishing up their accounting system or switching off legacy applications in preparation for the new year.  The accounting related community forums become busy with chatter as does xTuple customer support.  One message has become loud and clear to us over the years -  more accounting!

(Waiting for a punch line?  No, we're serious!) Read more »

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DIY with QuickStart Wizard for 3.5.1

How many times have you excitedly downloaded a new software application and thought to yourself, this looks great, but where do I start?  After trial and error, sorting through help documents, and skimming user manuals eventually you get the hang of it.

Well, when it comes to xTuple software we want to help you move this process along so you can get your enterprise system set up and focus on what you do best - growing your business.  For some time, we've made available a Quickstart database which is pre-loaded with generic master data such as a chart of accounts. With the introduction of the new 3.5.1 release, featuring the xTuple Desktop, we've expanded the Quickstart concept and developed a Quickstart Wizard add-in package which walks you through each step required for system configuration, master data entry, and set up review in the Quickstart database. Read more »

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Implementation: Collaboration is Key

One of the most common mistakes of implementation projects is not putting together the right team.  Typically, all things software fall squarely on the lap of IT professsionals with the expectation that they will install the system, configure, train users, and switch it on.  Computer project for the computer guy, right?

But when it comes to enterprise software this is an unrealistic expectation.  Let's use another project example for a moment: suppose you're remodeling your kitchen.  Would you defer ALL the decisions regarding your new kitchen to your general contractor?  Why not?  He has the tools and the experience to measure, install cabinets, countertops, hook up appliances, etc.

Well, first of all, the contractor doesn't live in your kitchen.  Read more »