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Getting creative with commissions

New feature in xTuple will offer greater control over sales rep commissions.

Everybody loves a reward, right? The right reward can make your employees work harder, and drive your company to success. The standard way to reward sales people is to pay them a percentage of the sale, otherwise known as a commission. xTuple software has always allowed you to assign a commission percentage to each sales rep, and to record the commission to be paid to that rep for each invoice. They make the sale, they get the reward. It's a basic but effective commissioning system that suffices for many companies.

But others would like to see more. In the hands of a creative sales manager, commissions is one of those business arts, like pricing and discounts, where people can mold sophisticated architectures aimed at influencing behavior in specific ways. Perhaps you want to encourage reps to push a particular product line, or to sell closer to the list price with less discount. Maybe you want to set commissions by item or by customer type, rather than assigning fixed rates to individual sales reps. This kind of flexibility can give an innovative sales manager the power to shape a sales strategy, and to reward reps for aligning with the overall goals.

Up to this point, xTuple has not offered that level of flexibility in sales rep commissioning. We have received requests over time to add features, but only recently did a company decide these features were important enough to sponsor an enhancement to the product. And so, the Advanced Commissions project was born. Read more »

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xTuple issuetracker updated to use xTuple CRM

Today we are announcing version 1.1 of the xTuple Web Portal Support module, and we're putting it to work immediately.

It has long been our goal to replace our web-based issue tracker, which has been running on a third-party product called Mantis, with a solution that would connect directly to our xTuple database. With the Support module, bug reports, feature requests, and customer support incidents all flow directly into the xTuple database. From that point we can manage everything through the xTuple client software back at xTuple world headquarters.  Read more »

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We're a social business

It's a cliche to say things like, "I liked U2 before they were cool," but sometimes it applies. For example, Dion Hinchcliffe at ZD Net's Enterprise 2.0 blog recently wrote about businesses that are "opening up" their customer relations via collaborative tools. It's no surprise to us that this is a good idea: we've been using the xTuple.org website to engage our users and customers in an open dialog since the very beginning. Hinchcliffe dubs this phenomena "Social CRM" and proclaims that it will be one of the key stories in the coming year. We're happy to be a leader in this area, and we can say without a doubt that exciting things happen when your customers care deeply about your product and help to determine its direction.  Read more »

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Wow, you guys are *everywhere*

We're very proud that you, the members and users of this site, come from all over--not just the good old USA, of course, but Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia--more countries than I can name here. It shows that when you offer a leading open source ERP solution for free, the whole world pays attention. We thought it would be fun to visualize this, so we created a new page on this site called xTmaps, where you can see the (approximate) locations of all site members.

Of course, we pay more than lip-service to our international reach--xTuple ERP is valuable all over the world because it offers sophisticated localization and internationalization features, including multiple currencies, complex tax structures, and support for over twenty different languages. And at xTuple Translation Portal you can download files to translate xTuple ERP into more than 20 languages.

 Thank you all for contributing to the wide-spread proliferation of xTuple around the globe! Read more »

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XML Import: Sales Orders vs. Invoices

I'm not a master at ERP--I'm the web guy. My job is to run the xTuple web sites and the xTuple xChange. But one of the benefits of ERP is the ability to consolidate data from all kinds of sources into a single ERP accounting system. In our case, we export customer and order info from the xChange and import it into xTuple ERP (see our docs on xTuple e-commerce integration for more info). This forced me to learn something about ERP order processing. Read more »