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SourceForge site improvements for open source projects

We have a vested interest in - and make our own - improvements to the user experience on SourceForge. After all, we are at well over one million downloads (and growing every day) from our project page PostBooks ERP, accounting, CRM by xTuple.

Sharing this article on "SourceForge’s Ongoing Effort to Eliminate Misleading Ads" which explains how the open source community can help make their own experience a better one.

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PostBooks® License Renewal

Important Notice for PostBooks® Users

The generic single-user software license key for xTuple PostBooks® Edition expired on March 1, 2015. You will be unable to log into your xTuple database, if you did not renew your complimentary license before that time. If you have already received a PostBooks® license directly from xTuple, you may ignore the rest of this message. Read more »

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xTuple Server Now 100% Open Source

The xTuple Server is a powerful toolkit for installation and administration of web-enabled xTuple ERP instances. This week, the xTuple Server evolved into a fully public open source project. All the information you need to run xTuple Server is now located in a public github repository at https://github.com/xtuple/xtuple-server/wikiRead more »

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Heartbleed -- the xTuple Response

HeartbleedEarlier this week, security experts revealed a significant flaw in a widely used Internet security product called OpenSSL. The bug, called Heartbleed, is a vulnerability in systems that use OpenSSL to encrypt information over SSL connections. OpenSSL is used on about two-thirds of the Internet servers in the world, so the impact of this bug is very widespread. The existence of this bug does not mean that any specific private information has in fact been stolen, but it does mean that it could have been stolen, and all sites that employ the OpenSSL encryption library must implement a security patch immediately, as well as perform a number of other security-related updates, to protect against Heartbleed.

xTuple has taken the following actions to update our servers, secure our data, and protect our customers:

  1. The day after the information on Heartbleed was released, xTuple replaced the OpenSSL code on our servers with an updated version that does not contain the bug.
  2. We have revoked and reissued all SSL certificates for our servers, to remove any lingering vulnerability.
  3. We are informing our user community of our actions and recommending that you update your passwords.

What should you do?

This is not fun, we know, but the potential impact of this bug is quite serious and affects thousands of websites around the Internet, including ours. Now that we have updated our SSL certificates, you should update the passwords you use to connect to xTuple sites and services. You should also update any passwords you use to connect to any other Internet service, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., as they all have been affected by this bug.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about Heartbleed, read the information posted by Codenomicon, the security firm that first exposed this bug.

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How to get the most out of your xTuple Free Trial in the cloud

xTuple Cloud

You have a good reason for starting a Free Trial of xTuple. Perhaps your company has been running QuickBooks, and now you need something more powerful to handle the complexities of your business. Or you are running on a moribund ERP or accounting package (Sage, anyone?), and you need to find a new platform with a brighter future. You've heard that xTuple offers greater extensibility and control, and now you're ready to take a look at the product.

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Sales Type - A New Twist on Commissions

As developers of business software, it is a core practice for us to "eat our own dogfood," which means using xTuple ERP software to run our own business. Usually we do a very good job of this, but sometimes we hit a roadblock. Ever since the Enhanced Commissions package came out, over a year ago, we have been dying to use it to manage our own sales commissions, but it was missing a key feature for us. Until recently, our own commission software did not have a way to assign different commission percentages based on the lead source. It was a gap we were highly motivated to fill. Read more »

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Treasures in the Attic

xChange - the xTuple MarketplacexTuple seeks Product Manager

We are actively seeking an App Store Product Manager, someone who can help us curate and attract code to augment the xTuple community ecosystem. Is it you?

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Hungry for xTuple

Cedarlane BurritoIn the food industry, not just any ERP software will do.

The regulatory and operational needs of food manufacturers and distributors mean that only a sophisticated, flexible, cost-effective ERP application such as xTuple can provide a viable solution.

We'd like to highlight the features that make xTuple a "natural" fit for food and describe our plans to serve this marketplace even better in 2013 and beyond.

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Manage your margins with new features in 4.0Beta3

Ardent xTuple-watchers may have noticed that we've had a longer-than-usual development cycle for our upcoming 4.0 release. When the final release arrives in a few months it will coincide with the release of our mobile/web client, which has been a huge development effort. At the same time, we have been developing some new features that will tune the product for the Wholesale Distribution market. We just released an unusual 3rd Beta of the upcoming xTuple 4.0 and it is loaded with features that are designed to quietly revolutionize the product, especially for distribution businesses.  Read more »

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xTuple TechMeetup: The Enyo JavaScript framework

Last week Roy Sutton, developer relations engineer at Hewlett Packard's Enyo group, dropped by the xTuple home office. Roy presented Enyo, the JavaScript development framework, to xTuplers and to developers from other companies here in Norfolk Virginia's downtown innovation corridor. Read more »