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xTuple Blog is moving to

To better serve our customers and greater open source community, xTuple is launching a new website, with one starting point for all things xTuple. To see future blog posts, bookmark xTuple's Collective Brainpower Blog. Subject matter experts contribute from around the world, including xTuple company staff, value-added resellers and partners, as well as industry analysts and open source experts.

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Online class this week: Accounting for Non-Accountants

If you're the type of person who has questions about accounting but are either afraid to ask or don't know what to ask, then you should consider joining xTuple's lead trainer Mike Atherton as he takes class members through the basics of accounting in his online course Accounting for Non-Accountants. This is your chance to learn how to read financial statements. To understand the difference between debits and credits. And much more. Plus, your time commitment for this class is minimal. This six-hour short course is held in two sessions over one day. Continue reading to learn more details about this useful course.... Read more »

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Enabling Technologies - plv8 in 4.9

We recently announced the 4.9.0 release candidate of xTuple ERP and the final release should be ready soon. You probably did not know that 4.9.0 is the first version of xTuple ERP that requires plv8 [see below] for all databases and clients.

There are a few things you must do to get ready for this change.

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New look for xTuple in 4.9.0

The features I'm most excited about in the upcoming 4.9.0 release are the updates we've made to the xTuple ERP user interface. (If you want to see those changes now, check out the Release Candidate.) Existing users shouldn't worry: if you like the application the way it is, you can keep it that way. But my guess is most of you will appreciate the modernized style. xTuple's new look begins with the redesigned Desktop....
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Disruptive technologies rev up need for open architecture business management tools

Wholesale Distribution - partsERP systems remain indispensable for distributors of all sizes and industries. Today’s quandary facing distributors, though, is that technology – and customer expectations – are evolving at such a pace that their ERP can’t keep up. History isn’t repeating; it’s accelerating at break-neck speeds. Disruptive technologies that came along once in a generation now occur yearly, driven by the global adoption of commercial open source technologies.

Those with older ERPs are scrambling today to make their systems ‘open’ enough to meet new and not-so-new demands. xTuple's lead software engineer managed many 90s-era proprietary distribution implementations for other companies. When he learned of xTuple’s dedication to open technology, he joined the team — to be part of the long-term strategy devoted to meeting the distribution industry’s present and future needs.

Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce is one example of such ‘open’ disruption. Read more »

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How do you turn an internship into resume gold?

xTuple's Pierce Tyler with ODU intern Louise SalinasxTuple is always looking for interns in software development, sales and marketing, and information technology. If you have had exposure to small businesses struggling with business software, you are halfway here already. Coursework in relevant technologies or operations management is helpful. Read more »

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What is your second biggest B2B eCommerce Challenge? Multiple Ship Tos

Derell Licht on Flickr, container ship

In large business-to-business (B2B) transactions, it’s fairly typical for a business customer to have multiple locations where they need to ship products. A good example is a construction company that has multiple active jobs and needs supplies sent to those jobs.

With xTupleCommerce, your customers can log into your eCommerce site and manage the shipping locations for specific orders. First, they would start by adding items to their cart, continue to check out, and then choose the appropriate "Ship To" location for the order. The system is directly connected to their customer record in their xTuple ERP, so if they have multiple ship-to locations set up in the ERP, they can choose which address the order should ship to. Read more »

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What is your biggest B2B eCommerce Challenge? Sales Reps

Nina Frazier on Flickr, graveyard lemonade stand

Let’s imagine that you are a manufacturer or distributor selling a range of products. You have a team of sales representatives that process orders on behalf of their customers or accounts. These sales reps may be your direct employees or other types of trading partners.

If you don’t have a Web-based solution for your sales reps to process orders, then they are likely meeting with their customers, collecting orders, then processing those orders manually in your accounting system, ERP or over the phone to your back-office.

With the xTupleCommerce solution, sales reps can do all of this work directly on your eCommerce site. They can log into the site and use the Sales Rep Utility to purchase on behalf of their customers. Read more »

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How can you meet your customer’s demand for B2B eCommerce?

Tom Brandt on Flickr, red boots

eCommerce is not the way of the future; it’s the way of the present. Consumers are now fully comfortable researching products and making purchases online. Even from their phones. Not only are people buying online, they are involving themselves in the entire shopping experience on the Internet.

This is a pretty straight-forward process for typical consumers. Let’s imagine that you want to buy a new pair of hiking boots. You start by searching Google, reading articles, perusing reviews, comparing prices, looking for the best deal, and then you make your purchase. The online shopping experience is different than the buying experience of a decade ago, but overall it isn’t that complex.

But, what if you are a construction company that needs to buy supplies for a big job that begins in 2 months?  Read more »

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SourceForge site improvements for open source projects

We have a vested interest in - and make our own - improvements to the user experience on SourceForge. After all, we are at well over one million downloads (and growing every day) from our project page PostBooks ERP, accounting, CRM by xTuple.

Sharing this article on "SourceForge’s Ongoing Effort to Eliminate Misleading Ads" which explains how the open source community can help make their own experience a better one.

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