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Profit centre use

I am setting up Postbooks and the profit centre is explicitly linked to my COA, meaning I effectively have to duplicate my COA for each profit centre as well as creating items to post to each combination. Is there a way to add profit centre to a transaction similar to classes in QuickBooks? Another dimension could be suitable.



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Postbooks Users

I hope anyone in xtuple can clarify for the open source edition PostBooks, I am not talking about the cloud connect. 

How many concurrent users for the free Postbooks have? Just one?

I am trying to test the multi users now, but PostBooks ask key. If Postbooks is only free for single user, what is next minimum upgrade path? 

I have tried to asked key@xtuple to clarify this, but I have never received answer nor key or multiusers. Read more »

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Upgrade, Backup and Restore

Hello,  Read more »

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download csvimp executable

I have not downloaded the PostBooks repository as I am testing the Hosted version of xTuple and was furnished the app UI for my computer.  Is there a list of executables one can download such as CSVimp for specific OSes?  I have no intention of building from source any of the tool set if it is all possible to avoid it.

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Purchase Price Variance

On most of my purchased items, I am given xx% discount from my supplier.  I do not care about the purchase price variance.  In order to not use the Purchase Price Variance G/L account, should I just map the "Purchase Price Variance" item in the appropriate cost category to my PO Liability G/L account, instead of the PPV G/L account?  Thanks.

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Invoice does not display Unit or Ext prices


We are having a problem with a pilot implementation of xTuple 4.1 Std Edition where the Unit and Ext prices for items are not displayed on invoices. We only receive the "---" for each line item. See image below. 

Does anyone know why this would be happening and how to fix? Thanks much in advance


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QuickStart Wizard for 4.2.X

Is there a QuickStart Wizard available for the 4.2.X release?  The xchange site shows 4.0.X as the latest release.

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Desktop Toolbar icons greyed out

I have created a new user with all privileges granted and also checked to show all menus in user preference. However, the desktop toolbar on the side are still greyed out while the menu on the top are all working fine. 

Could not figure out what else i did wrong. Maybe someone could help me with this?

Thanks a lot!

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CSVIMP misccounttag importing successfully but xTuple QOH NOT UPDATING even after post...

I am using CSVIMP to import select starting values into xTuple. One of these steps is to import inventory starting QOH values of more then 10000 items. I was hoping to do this through the API view "misccounttag". CSVIMP reports that the import was successful. Then I figured that xTuple would have to update its database somehow and I figured this would be with a posting function (ie. Post Count Tags). Before or after posting, the QOH does not update. Nothing changes. Read more »

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Demo User License Key Expires?

Hi, I jut noticed that after installing 4.2.0 there's a registration key in the System Setup.  Says it expires Jan 2015. (see attachment)

Does this mean we can't use Postbooks after that date?  We've been using it for a couple years, and I'm starting a new database.  Am I better off just sticking with 4.0, which has no registration key?

Might be a dumb question, but I'm confused by this new addition.