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Vendor "Numbers"

I did the initial Vendor CSV Imports using actual numbers in the 'Vendor Number' field. Now that I am in xTuple and entering data, I find our Vendor list far too long to try and remember Vendor Numbers which is how the search field seems to work. 

Is there anything wrong with redoing the CSV import (with the DELETE command in the pre-SQL) but using the actual Vendor Name in the column for Vendor Number?  Will this screw up something I have yet to encounter within xTuple?

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Help with my installation

I installed with following steps:

1) install latest postgresql on my windows 7

2) create admin in xtrole group

3) restore emty database 4.8

4) install 4.8 windows client


Then I run 4.8 client:

after login, it said my license has expired for 3 days. I should use a free version, right?

Then I click continue anyway, it asked my to select currency, then I don't know what I should do next. If I click close for this currency selection window, the main window also closed.  Then the program is closed.

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Fedora packages coming


I've packaged OpenRTP, CSVImp and the PostBooks qt-client for Fedora and the RPM world


Here are some details and a screenshot:


The Fedora review request:


I've also submit the spec files as Github pull requests so that people can build packages from any future release tarballs, e.g. when 4.8.2 comes, just run: Read more »

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Can't connect to specified xTuple ERP server


I have just installed the xTuple server on the localhost, as shown on the videos in Github wiki. However, when I try to log in using the desktop client I get a message saying that I can not connect to the specified xTuple ERP server. It reads as below;

FATAL: password authentication failed for user "admin" QPSL: Unable to connect

I have tried to modify the Vagrant file in such a way that the 5433 port is forwarded together with the 8888, 8443 and 3000 ports already put in place.

Can you please help?

Many thanks,

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Help with installing / setup


I've acquired a HP Microserver N54L, with a 250GB drive + 2 x 1TB drives.
I've installed Ubuntu Server on the 250GB drive and intend to use one of the other drives to host the database (the third drive is intended for file storage (PDF/Excel/etc), also for remote access).
I want to be able to use PostBooks (free edition) from my laptop on the go, while visiting customers, while the database will be on the N54L server at home. Read more »

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Quickstart-wizard and Translations for 4.8.1

I am currently trying to Pilot a postbooks installation 4.8.1 (ubuntu server14.04) Clients are windows 7 with 4.8.0 clients

For both the quickstart wizard and tranlation downloads the most recent choice is 4.6.0.

Will this run on 4.8.0 clients?

If not when can I expect the updates?

Should I just load 4.6.0 so I can proceed with these tools.

Baja Jerry

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Installation is now a pain!

Hi guys, Read more »

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GL Account Numbers Disappearing

I have two issues, but I am beginning to think they are related.  Posted in the GitHub yesterday, but this is roadblocking me and I need to finish this import/implementation asap.

First Issue that  I noted was that unlike in the Video Tutorials when I went to set up the Cost Categories (Accounting Set Up) the account numbers didn't show up in the white box. The name appeared to the right in the grey area - but no account numbers.  Read more »

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What happens after the free trial?

Since there I could not find a way to search the forums, I'm probably asking a question that has been answered already.

What happens after the 14-day free trial?  I am ONLY interested in the free version of the software.

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feedback about latest Debian and Ubuntu packages?



I updated the official packages to Postbooks (desktop client) version 4.7.0 just before the October release of Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn).  The same version will appear in Debian 8 (jessie)

Has anybody got any feedback about installing them using the package manager, issues with the documentation or anything else about the packaging strategy?