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What happens after the free trial?

Since there I could not find a way to search the forums, I'm probably asking a question that has been answered already.

What happens after the 14-day free trial?  I am ONLY interested in the free version of the software.

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feedback about latest Debian and Ubuntu packages?



I updated the official packages to Postbooks (desktop client) version 4.7.0 just before the October release of Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn).  The same version will appear in Debian 8 (jessie)

Has anybody got any feedback about installing them using the package manager, issues with the documentation or anything else about the packaging strategy?




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Unable to explode new Work Order

Hello all!  I am trying to make a case for XTuple and have run into a serious snag when trying to process a work order.  When I hit the "Explode Work Order" button under Manufacture I get an error message as follows;

Work Order 20001-1 cannot be Exploded as there are one or more Component Items on the Bill of Materials for the Work Order Item that are not valid in the Work Order Site. You must create a valid Item Site for all of the Component Items before you may explode this Work Order. Read more »

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CSV Import errors

I am new to Postbooks and I am having trouble using CSV Import to import data.
I am using the ApiStarterKit example to import customers with the provided map and data.
I am following the tutorial exactly.
When I start the import I get the errors on the attached file.
Trying to insert data via php script (INSERT INTO api.customer) gives similar results.
I am running on Widows 8.1 64bit on a V.M. as suggested in your tutorials.
I even tried the (CREATE EXTENSION "uuid-ossp";) command via phpPgAdmin.
I verified uuid-ossp is installed via (SELECT * FROM pg_extension;) command. Read more »

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Vagrant up - failed to unpackage

During install of Postbook database according to instructions on

vagrant up returned message at end of unpacking stating box failed to unpack Read more »

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I'm following the instructions here:

and going through the simple example: Read more »

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Using Postbook with AWS

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to see about using xtuple with AWS. Is there a way to do that? If so, is there a tutorial to setup.


Thanks in advance.



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Need to install pgrypto.sql and can't find pgrcypto.sql anywhere...please help

We do not use credit card processing with xTuple, but we do get the error message consistently. I would like to install pgcrypto.sql but do not have it anywhere. I checked all the paths people recommend and have done numerous searches. Does anyone know how I should proceed?

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Help Installing QT and Desktop Client

I'm following the instructions on github here:

I'm having a problem when I reach here: Read more »

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Web Interface

Good day - I have installed to a Windows 7 machine and can log into PostBooks Desktop by adding some port forwarding to the virtual machine. When I add port forwarding for the web interface I can not connect. What do I need to adjust to run everything from the same machine.