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Web Interface

Good day - I have installed to a Windows 7 machine and can log into PostBooks Desktop by adding some port forwarding to the virtual machine. When I add port forwarding for the web interface I can not connect. What do I need to adjust to run everything from the same machine.


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BOM Update Needed; What is the best Method?

Hello. This is a repost, since I think I put it under the wrong topic....It seems that none of the BOM Posts in the other forum get answered so perhaps someone will answer it here...

We need to update our BOM for all our items for several reasons:  Read more »

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Inventory UOM Locked

What permission on an item drives the Inventory UOM being locked? We currently have a good mix of items with the ability to edit the UOM after creation and some you can't. 

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OAuth2 Extension


I'm trying to evaluate the xTuple REST API for use by a client.

I setup xTuple using the following instructions:

Very slick.

I'm then following these instructions to enable OAuth2: Read more »

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Problem Upgrading from 3.8.4 to 4.5.2 (poitem_soitem_id, poitem_wohead_id)


We've been using Postbooks successfully for a number of years, and finally decided it was time to update from version 3.8.4 to 4.5.2.

According to version 2.2.5 of the Updater, the update of the database (a copy, of course) through intermediate versions and up to 4.5.2 was successful. However, when testing the 4.5.2 database with the 4.5.2 GUI client, we're running into a problem with Purchase Orders. Read more »

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PO Error with pohead / whsinfo

So, I am a little naive when it comes to this stuff, but I do have some IT support here to help when I get some responses. 

I am creating a test database and gaining familiarity with the program, but I know very little about the programming side of things. In attempting to create a PO for some of the items I've added, I am getting an error when I start the PO and add a vendor, and when I attempt to add a line item after. Can you help point me in the right direction of what I'm missing (if this is what is causing the error)?

  Read more »

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CSV Importer Issue - BOM Import

I am trying to import via CSVImp into xTuple. I am trying to import BOMs, one at a time. The item is already created in xTuple, just the BOM needs to be imported. I have a CSV file with the information required. Upon importing in CSVImp, I get an error message saying that the item number must be an integer, not a string. The item numbers in xTuple are all strings (ie. ASY 016). How do I successfully import BOMs? Thank you!

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Quick Start Wizard Link Unavailable after purchace

I having purchased the quick start wizard on 06/12/2014, but I can not get the link to the xtsetup package. Also, I just upgrade my DB's to 4.5.0 version, its this version compatible with quick start wizard package for 4.4.0

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"Vagrant Up" Error on Windows XP x86

Having difficulty getting xTuple Mobile development VM up and running


I have setup a GitHub Account and forked "xtuple", "xtuple-extensions" and "xtuple-vagrant"

 The cloned the from GitHub to my "H:" drive locally





Gone through the file under the cloned  "xtuple-vagrant"

Set the SourceDir to "H:Github/xtuple"



"vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest" Read more »

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column bankaccnt_rec_accnt_id in the bankaccnt table?


I notice this column in the bank account table: bankaccnt_rec_accnt_id


There doesn't appear to be any field in the bank account settings form to fill this column in the database.  What is it for?  Is it no longer in use?