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To learn more about this topic, please follow the Time & Expense link. A full treatment of this subject and other Project-related functionality can be found in Managing Projects with xTuple, an xTuple eBook now available for purchase at the xChange online store.


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Is it possible to submit Time

Is it possible to submit Time & Expense via the web with xConnect module? Or perform such task via HTTP? Can the system send an email reminder if a user has not submit his/her time by the deadline?

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Expense Vouchering

What set-up steps are required to be able to voucher emplyee expenses that are entered through Time and Expense?

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Vouchering through Time & Expense


I have reviewed the information but it falls short of explaining the proper set-up needed in order to accomplish vouchering through Time and Expense. I have followed the steps but the expenses are still not vouchered. In the column, under the time and expense screen, that shows the timesheets and their status under "Vouchered" it shows "N/A". Why? What do I need to change in the employee set-up, the accounting set-up, or the item set-up that will allow me to voucher employee expenses that are entered through the Time & Expense Timesheets?

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Set Employee as a Contractor

If you are trying to voucher an employee for their time, you need to set them as a Contractor.
1. Open the employee record
2. Select the Financial tab
3. Check the box next to "Contractor"