Product Roadmap


While we work tirelessly on small enhancements, fixes and improvements, this page is intended to provide a basic map of where we are going on major functional and architectural issues. You can see a living and finer-grained detail of each release milestone on our github page.

Comments welcome, as always!

xTuple 4.6 - August 2014

xTuple 4.7 - September 2014

  • Qr-codes on reports (mobile web client)
  • Automated bank reconciliation

xTuple 4.8 - November 2014

  • Dashboard-Lite (mobile web client)
  • Mobile Inventory / Mobile Printing (mobile web client)

xTuple 4.9 - January 2014

  • Quality Control*  (mobile web client)
  • General Ledger (mobile web client)

xTuple 4.10 - February 2015

  • Quality Control integration with Desktop client*
  • Misc. accounting features (mobile web client)

* Denotes functionality only available in commercially-licensed Editions