The documents in this section are guides for understanding and using the xTuple ERP application. The contents are divided into sections based on the functional areas of the software, such as accounting, manufacturing and sales. There are also miscellaneous topics, including how to import data from QuickBooks, ad hoc reporting, and more. For additional information not covered here, please see the xTuple ERP Reference Guide (also available for sale as a PDF), as well as the demo videos.

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On open POs, but received items, MRP doesn't recognize the items as received until PO is closed. Closing the POs, we then can't find them for vouchering. Is this a procedural sequence, or can MRP or Vouchering be "allowed" or configured so that MRP either recognizes items received before closing PO. or A/P to find and post closed POs for vouchering. Or is there another solution. Manufacturing Edition.