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Join Us for the Greater Toronto Area Business Showcase

O, Canada!Canada has always been a great market for xTuple, where we are proud to support our many users and dedicated partners. Now, more than ever, there is increased demand for a full-featured, integrated ERP solution that's customizable, flexible and affordable. xTuple has been modified to meet the requirements of Canadian tax regulations, and for our friends in Quebec, xTuple is nearly 100% translated into Canadian French.

Demand has reached a tipping point throughout Canada and the U.S., as other software vendors, particularly Sage, have announced the retirement of several once popular solutions.

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Back to school - xTuple University is now open

xTuple UniversityxTuple has long enjoyed a reputation as being extremely responsive to our community when it comes to improving product quality, as evidenced by our third prize-filled haxTuple bug-squashing competition. Or the fact that our developers lead the world among open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects in resolving reported bugs, with a close rate of over 94%, according to statistics collected.

We are also listening to your requests with regard to training. The future of training, especially technology-focused, is online, self-guided, and video-based. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of xTuple University — an online learning center for the xTuple community. As I mentioned in our kick-off webinar Read more »

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haxTuple is underway, see the leaderboard

haxTuple leaderboardJust 10 days into haxTuple now, and the competition is gaining momentum. We've posted a haxTuple leaderboard, separately tracking bug fixes and extensions to xTuple.

In the spirit of the competition, of course, the leaderboard *itself* is a haxTuple project, from the talented Linda Nichols. Keep following along to see who's going to come out on top! xTuple employees, of course, are ineligible for prizes, despite our tireless toils. xTuple partners worldwide ARE eligible, as well as anyone else in the global open source community.

Lots of exciting activity around building extensions this year, although some have not posted their projects to the leaderboard as yet. Read about a Brazilian open source developer's work here.

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WebRTC in CRM, ERP solutions at xTupleCon 2014

WebRTCIn October this year, I'll be visiting the US and Canada for some conferences and a wedding. The first event will be xTupleCon 2014 in Norfolk, Virginia. xTuple makes the popular open source accounting and CRM suite PostBooks. The event kicks off with a keynote from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the evening of October 14. On October 16, I'll be making a presentation about how JSCommunicator makes it easy to add click-to-call real-time communications (RTC) to any other web-based product without requiring any browser plugins or third party softphones. Read more »

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haxTuple and WebRTC: extensions from our international community

Juliana LoubackSet to start next week with a haxTuple kick-off webinar, our open source developer contest is already igniting the xTuple community. Although those competitors in the bug-squashing derby have to wait until August 6 to start, Juliana Louback [GitHub], a software engineer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has begun working on her entry for the Mobile Web extension portion of the competition. She's tying together our app with JSCommunicator, an open source WebRTC tool that makes it possible to place phone calls from within the xTuple application with integration both into the users' telephony service and our CRM contact listing.

One of the great parts about open source is that we can share our varied passions and make our product great by leveraging them all. You can read about her progress here Read more »

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haxTuple: Kicking Off 30-day Hackathon for Developers Worldwide

xTuple for Google GlassNext month we're inviting developers worldwide to our company’s 30-day open source developer competition, haxTuple 2014. Prizes include a genuine Google Glass, mobile warehouse barcode scanner, geeky gear, and a chance to meet Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak!

As an open-source company, we've long known that our community is our secret weapon. haxTuple is an event that helps focus and rally this community towards the shared goal of improving our product. Plus there are prizes. The previous iterations of haxTuple were as a bug-fixing derby, with top prize going to the top bug-fixer. This year, we're adding a wildcard, to help introduce our new technology to some of our community members who might not have yet gotten their hands dirty with it. Read more »

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7 Reasons We Work with Drupal (instead of WordPress) for Websites

Drupal logoRecently many clients and colleagues have asked why we only work with Drupal. The dilemma? Drupal seems too complicated for small brochure-style websites, and arguably you can spin up a WordPress site in a matter of hours. While true, we have at least seven (7) reasons why Drupal is a better fit for our clients. Now, I’m not anti-WordPress. Actually, I’ve seen some great sites built on it, and I really appreciate how easy it is for people to use.

7 reasons why xTuple uses Drupal

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xTupleCon: Days of Future Apps

We've just announced the full agenda for this year's xTupleCon user conference, and it's a doozy. More great speakers, innovative technology, inspirational stories, and all around cool stuff than you can shake a stick at! By now you might have heard that the conference opens with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. But did you know we're also hosting the Chief of Staff for the US Navy Mid-Atlantic? How about ERP guru Cindy Jutras?

And speaking of those future apps, they'll be on full display - mobile warehouse, including wireless Android barcode scanners and hot-off-the-presses xTuple Workflow?? The new xTuple Quality system for manufacturers? The full rundown on the xTuple Server, including deep dives on Business Intelligence dashboards and the xTupleCommerce Web Portal?

And, oh yeah, an audience-participation mobile warehouse relay race featuring handheld devices versus a prototype of xTuple on Google Glass. Full details here.

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Free ERP Calendar through August 15

Paladin Logic's ERP Calendar for xTupleEverybody loves free, right? Well for the next 30 days, July 15 through August 15, 2014, free is exactly what ERP Calendar is!

Paladin Logic, Ltd, a Gold Elite xTuple partner located in the DFW metroplex, developed ERP Calendar as an add-on package to xTuple.

ERP Calendar is an integrated, visual calendar that allows you to see your business operations at-a-glance in a concise, clean, calendar view. Read more »

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Breaking news: Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak opening xTupleCon14

xTupleCon14 - Steve Wozniak

Kick off xTupleCon14 with Woz!

Yes, you read that correctly. xTuple is proud to announce that our opening VIP keynote speaker will be none other than the legendary Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple!

UPDATE:  We're also happy to announce that xTupleCon participants will be able to enjoy a 90 minute private cocktail and hors d'oeuvres reception with Woz before the talk!! 

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