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PostBooks® accounting and ERP suite coming to Fedora

PostBooks has been successful on Debian and Ubuntu for a while now and for all those who asked, it is finally coming to Fedora.

The review request has just been submitted and the spec files have also been submitted to xTuple as pull requests so future upstream releases can be used with rpmbuild to create packages. Read more »

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New Developer Scripting Powers in xTuple ERP 4.8.0

The release of xTuple ERP 4.8.0 brings with it an exciting feature that should open up new possibilities for those of you writing your own custom scripts. As some of you may know, Qt handles the firing of events and the reaction to those events using the concept of Signals (events), and Slots (event receivers). This allows us to do things such as refresh the list of open sales orders from elsewhere in the application, or to know when a bill of materials has been modified. Read more »

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Details on 4.8 release, and 2015 preview!

As much of the world slowly returns to the post-holidays work schedule, you might be surprised at how much has been happening at xTuple in recent weeks.

We've just released xTuple 4.8, which is arguably the biggest release since 4.0 for us.  There are major new enhancements in the Desktop, Mobile Web, and xTupleCommerce customer-facing website...

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How much does a website cost?

This is a question I hear all the time! Whether you're a business owner, startup entrepreneur, big-thinker, friend or family, the answer is simple.

It depends. Read more »

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How do you pronounce "xTuple" anyway?

How do you pronounce xTuple?One of the very fortunate parts of my job as head of sales is that I get to travel all over visiting with the xTuple community and prospective xTuplers. I am just back from a whirlwind road trip, on the heels of several road tips. I was up and down the East Coast from Norfolk, VA to Toronto, ONT to Atlanta, GA. As you might imagine, I have enjoyed a healthy variety of accents. Either up in the great North or in the warm and sunny South, I look forward to great anticipation how the people I work with, and the people I meet, pronounce "xTuple." Read more »

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Make-to-Order: Paladin’s Rule-Based Configurator

Paladin Logic, LimitedPaladin Logic is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Paladin Rule-Based Configurator: an extensive and powerful add-on package to xTuple designed to provide make-to-order capability. Rather than define an item for each variation on a product, you can use the Paladin Rule-Based Configurator to organize variations as sets of options which can apply to many items. Make-to-order quotes and orders are fully integrated with xTuple’s line item entry screens, making option selection simple. Read more »

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xTupleCon14 Award Winners, Woz and analyst reports

Woz autographsTop Open Source Community Awards Announced at xTupleCon 2014: Business partners receive accolades for achievement in sales, technical expertise, implementation success, and customer support and satisfaction

Read more at:

xTuple’s Global Conference proves business value of Open Source: Event emphasizes “365 Days to Return on Investment” achieved with improved business processes and supply chain operational benefits

Read more at:

Congratulations to all award winners and many thanks to #xTupleCon14 attendees for your contributions at the event (and post-event feedback) to help make our community even more vibrant!


 Read more »

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xTuplecon14 and haxTuple part of Positive results from Outreach Program for Women

Juliana Louback and Daniel Pocock JSCommunicator chat box

Juliana Louback who applied to Debian during the second round of the GNOME Outreach Program for Women (OPW) in 2013, was selected for one of Debian's Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2014 slots working on the Debian WebRTC portal. The portal is built using JSCommunicator, a generic HTML5 softphone designed to be integrated in other web sites, portal frameworks and CMS systems.

Juliana has been particularly enthusiastic with her work and after completing the core requirements of her project, I suggested she explore just what is involved in embedding JSCommunicator into another open source application. By co-incidence, the xTuple development team had decided to dedicate the month of August to open source engagement, running a program called haxTuple. Juliana had originally applied to OPW with an interest in financial software and so this appeared to be a great opportunity for her to broaden her experience and engagement with the open source community.

Despite having no prior experience with ERP/CRM software, Juliana set about developing a plugin/extension for the new xTuple web frontend. She has published the extension in Github and  Read more »

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xTupleCon 2014—Why Open Source ERP?

xTupleCon 2014Guest blog post by Ted Rohm, a senior research analyst at Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) focusing on ERP manufacturing solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in large-scale selection, design, development, and implementation projects.

xTuple, an award winning open source ERP vendor, recently held its user conference—xTupleCon 2014—in its home town of Norfolk, VA. xTuple’s mission is stated simply: “To help companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful and easy-to-use open source ERP software, to grow their business profitably.” The conference brought together a global community of open source technologists and ERP users to learn, collaborate, and innovate.

There were a number of topics discussed and company updates shared at the meeting, including a VIP keynote from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. But before going into the xTuple conference highlights, I want to mention the conference session given by Josh Fischer, manager of xTuple’s Web Services Group, which really spoke to the heart of what xTuple (and the open source software community) is all about. Read more »

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xTuple Server Now 100% Open Source

The xTuple Server is a powerful toolkit for installation and administration of web-enabled xTuple ERP instances. This week, the xTuple Server evolved into a fully public open source project. All the information you need to run xTuple Server is now located in a public github repository at more »